Saturday, 31 May 2014

DIY Oversized Scrunchie

I realize now that I write too much about scrunchies. Oh well. Ignore my other scrunchie posts. It's this DIY's turn to shine. 

A few weeks ago, me and my friends went to New Look where we came across some massive scrunchies. Unfortunately, in the picture, they look like average scrunchies. I promise they don't. Anyway, I was quite close to buying it when I remembered a promise I made to myself around last year. That promise was to never buy a scrunchie since they are so easy to make! The only scrunchies I have ever bought were the very first ones which started off my obsession. That is why I told myself "no" and just made one! Let's Go! ----->

What You'll Need:

Starting off, you want to get the material (Mine is from a local sewing shop) and cut it to around 18-20 inches by 5 inches.

Then fold in half with the right sides facing in and tack.

You can then sew with the sewing machine. Make sure you finish the stitch at the end by going back over it. As I've said in previous DIYs, no haters plz.
Once it is all sewed, feel free to take out the tacking. Well actually you sort of have to take the tacking out so that is my casual way of telling you the next step. Go me.
To hide the seams, you now have to turn it inside out. It shouldn't be too difficult since the scrunchie is so big and yeah, it will be a piece of chocolate cake.
Should Look like this
Next get the elastic and cut it down to around the length of your wrist. Although it may seem a bit loose, because there is so much material, it makes it a lot tighter. Then get two safety pins and put one on the end of the elastic and one on the other end and the material (see picture).

Then put the elastic through the material and make sure you keep track of the pin. As you put the elastic through, you start to see the scrunchie like shape. Once it is all the way through, just tie a knot. You can adjust the length of elastic to your liking. I made the mistake of making it too loose so always check that it is the right tightness when it is in the scrunchie.

I wanted my elastic to be extra secure so I just sewed it a bit.
Yes, I do realize there was no thread in the needle. Sorry jeez.
The next bit, I personally find the trickiest. It's the bit where you close up the gap. I used to just sew a line down however it also sewed the elastic and I just didn't like it. That is why I now hand sew it. It never is too neat but I try to use colours close to the material. Before you sew it you have to fold in the edges and put the ends over each other so the frayed edges aren't showing.

Once it is all secure, it is finished! Now you can catch everybody's attention with your huge scrunchie. 

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