Saturday, 19 April 2014

DIY Scrunchie Holder

Around this time last year, I had a slight obsession with scrunchies, the old "School Girl" trend and I also had a sewing machine (Not a very good one) therefore the making craze started leaving me now with around 15 scrunchies. I did wear them quite often since they were just easy to pull my hair up without pulling it too tight but I just didn't have a good place to store them. I really had to rack my brain to think of an easy accessible but somewhat dust-free solution and it took me a while. At one point I thought I might just have to resort to the good ol' toilet roll holder but I don't think anything in that area should mix with anything ( my opinion).

You can get bulldog clips here. The hooks I got from an IKEA shelf with rail but we forgot to clip the hooks on the rail (wow) but you can get hooks which do the job too from IKEA here.

It, personally, ticks everything on my list since I put it in my wardrobe to stop dust and you can easily un-clip or take it off the hook whilst keeping the scrunchies secure but you can hang this just about anywhere.

This DIY isn't exactly rocket science however it's the idea that counts. All you need to do is get your hook/bulldog clip and tie it to the ribbon. I would suggest to do double/triple knots to secure it- you could even glue it if you are paranoid.

What an Action Shot

The hook
The Clip

You can probably guess what goes next. You clip/hook the scrunchie on...

As you add more scrunchies on, you can't see the messiness of the knots so it's a win win situation.

One of the extreme pros of this is the ability to hang it where ever you want to, whether it's: On a hook, rail, I put in a hole through the hinge of the wardrobe! 

So there you have it. Obviously, this DIY isn't limited to scrunchies, maybe try: hair bobbles, bracelets, I guess anything that is round. Have a very happy day!

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