Saturday, 17 May 2014

DIY No Blender Slushee

Slushees taste amazing and automatically call you down in summer, which is slowly but surely coming EEK, but, you can probably tell from the bright colours, that they aren't that natural. So a few years ago, my homemade ice lolly turned into a homemade slushee. I will warn you now, I can't make them exactly like the normal ones, in fact they really don't have the same texture but they do taste amazing. Not to mention, they are marginally healthier. 

How to make them
I generally use cordial, in fact I've always used cordial - I find it works better since it is more watery freezes better. The ones that I use are Belvoir fruit farms cordials.
All you really have to do is go pour yourself some cordial, stick a spoon in it and whack it in the freezer. After that, it gets a tiny bit harder. You see, you have to have it in the freezer for quite a certain amount of time. I mean, a few minutes extra or less wouldn't ruin it but the texture is a lot better. You have to leave it in for atleast an hour but you don't want it to freeze. Here's how to test whether it is done or not- get the spoon and crush the top layer which has slightly frozen over and get some of the liquid in the spoon. If it is just pure liquid, it's not done. You want there to be small pieces if ice in the water which only appear when you take it out. I also find that the texture is nicer when the top and sides are frozen over. You can then crush them to make it more icy. If I were you, after an hour, I would set timers for 10 minutes to check on it. Once it's done you can eat it however you want but I like to crush all the bits that have frozen over and use the spoon to eat it.

This is the consistency you want... or nah

The good thing about these is that cordials have a variety of flavours so you can maybe mix and match, be creative. 

Sorry if this wasn't the slushee you were looking for but the struggles of not having a blender really hit hard here and I have to do with these! Plus, I'm not that unhealthy to buy a colouring filled slushee everyday! 

So good luck if you try to make this and be patient! Happy Blogging!

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