Tuesday, 30 September 2014

my heart is set on travelling❤️dalirae

For the past week, my heart has been set on travelling. By travelling, I mean visiting a number of countries in Eastern Asia. Don't get me wrong, I'm 13. Obviously I'm not going to be exploring the world any time soon. It's just a big dream of mine. Let me explain...

Friday, 26 September 2014

friday favourites #2

Literally me + attempt at series = nope. 
So last week "Friday Favourites" totally blew over my mind so I'm back with more weekly favourites!

Favourite Instagram

Favourite Outer Layer
This was from a shop in Copenhagen, a gift from my Auntie. Recently I have been loving royal blue and have been wearing this coat non stop!

Favourite Dream Destination

Japan is such a beautiful place. Even the hectic city is so amazing for me. 
Favourite Face
Haha total change in mood there sorry.

Favourite Sushi
It was meant to be the cripsy salmon skin ISO from Yo Sushi as I recently went but I've temporarily lost my phone and couldn't get any more photos of it! This one off my instagram will have to suffice! I also got the avocado maki which was amaaaazing. But I am in no way a sushi expert having only tried it once. What sushi do you like?

So these were my favourites this week! 

Have an amazing weekend! Planning anything spesh? 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

the autumnal wardobe #1 | dalirae

So to follow up from my "thought on autumn" post, I decided to do some sort of fashion series...

I'm not going to do much of an explanation on the whole outfit however I am in love with the colour emerald at the moment! It is so cute for Autumn and I've not really seen many people wearing it where I am so I guess I could stand out? Haha anyway see you later guys! 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

my thoughts on autumn | dalirae

14th September 2014 

My current view consists of a laptop screen and a window peering into my back garden. It is fourish and the sun is still out, giving the room a warm yet vibrant feel. Although all the shrubbery is still flourished with green, an orangey tint is showing through. Despite my absolute devotion to summer which has been clear this year, the small warm ball of autumn is growing inside of me. Just the thought of living room fires (even though I don't have one), hot chocolate (which is something I didn't even like for a long period of my life) and cuddly jumpers makes me smile sub-consciously. Although the slow death of nature is another way of thinking about it. 

As I ponder on, maybe the influence from my friends (*cough helena *cough) is changing my view slightly as autumn has always been at the bottom of the list for me but I guess I'll just see how Autumn 2014 goes. 

Let's just hope the British weather doesn't turn bipolar and start Winter early... 

This was just a short post to kick of an Autumn series which I am hoping to start...

and I was meant to post this at the time that I wrote it but I got distracted by my theme and making the banner so it doesn't make complete sense but oh well life.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday Favourites

Firstly, an apology for my lack of posts. I believe it has been just under a week but I have started school so that is a valid excuse. Anyhoo, after loving the simplicity of Lauren Conrad's Friday Favourites series and seeing many other people do the same, I decided to give it a go... more apologies in advance if this new "series" turns into a fail *cough* *cough*

favourite nibble

Sorry for the slightly unappetizing picture but picking avocados is like playing russian roulette a game which I am not 100% on the rules as I am 13 and not a gambler

DEPOP! My account is dalirae!



This Emerald colour is beautiful for Autumn (if there are any days with decent weather.)

I'm sorry that I may be to old but we went to an adventure playground with my cousins (maybe I would've still gone without them) and that slide on the right was like almost a vertical drop and it was almost comparable to Alton Towers okay maybe not. 

So Hopefully I'll see you next Friday! 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Summer Rewind ☀ DaliRae

Although Summer officially ends on the 22nd September, my 6 week holidays surely flied by... right into a wall. AHH SCHOOL STARTED. 
So, a while back in June, I wrote a summer bucket list. I just wanna do a little recap on whether I ACHIEVED SUMMER.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

What's in my backpack? | DaliRae

For all students, the end of summer also means , the start of a new school year. I mean, don't get me wrong, fresh starts are the best. Infact, I think that is one of the reasons why I like school starting again but ugh. It can really drain the life out of you... An after school snack is my only savior.

But none of whatever I just said is going to stop me from finishing my back to school series with a bang. No not a bang. I can't think of a metaphor this very moment. Apologies. But I believe this will be my last back to school post as today I am going back to school! Yes we are going in after lunch. Wooo. Okay so let's get started!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

❤️ Summer Shopping | DaliRae ❤️

Today I had to break it to myself that summer was coming to an end.That meant no more late nights, lie ins, glowing skin, beachy waves and the start of, what beauty gurus might call it, "Back To School!!" with a totally unnecessary high pitched voice and cheesy grin. Completely disregarding what I just said, I do enjoy new starts, getting to see your friends again and stationary shopping *grin*. So that's why I did a back to school series (Okay maybe I wrote the intro quite a while ago like 6 weeks ago). 

But back onto what you are reading this very moment. Over the season of summer (mostly the six week holidays) , I accumulated quite a few bits and bobs, mostly on sale, and I wanted to show them to you guys! This is basically just a "summer haul" however I feel the term " haul" is slightly too americanised despite my Hong Kong haul and Summer bucket list ; I've changed my ways. Well let's get into the haul. No. Just scroll.