Sunday, 25 May 2014

Wonders Of The Web #3

Okay so Life update!!!! At the moment, I am in the process of starting an online shop selling t-shirts and hair accessories. I am nowhere near ready to give you a proper website link apart from My Etsy Site which is still looking a little bare (Link Here). Anyway, this week's edition of "Wonders Of The Web" will have some sites related to the start of my shop!

21 Incredibly Simple Photoshop Hacks - So, recently, I have been using photoshop on a daily basis for designs of t shirts and I found this interesting since I am a beginner and it's nice to know some tips and tricks.

30 DIY Lace Projects - I bought some lace recently for very cheap and needed inspiration.

Romain Laurent Loop Portraits - Brilliantly captured and slightly amusing.

SassGems Pinterest Board - Can you handle the sass? I've been using this as inspiration for designs! So if you like what is on this board, you better be excited! 

Wanelo - I recently have been loving Wanelo. My analogy is that it is a mix between Polyvore and Pinterest. Go Brain! (My wanelo here)

MouseCityGames - Childish, I know. Pretty much all this week, I have been "throwbacking?" to these games. I love the carmel games! Don't Judge.

Light Blue Lace Oxford Flats - I just love these shoes alot.

Font Squirrel - A website which gives you free fonts that can be used commercially. I always want to be 100% certain that I am not stepping into the copyright border.

My inspirational Finish - Just a quote which is so true.


  1. Anonymous26/5/14

    Oh my gosh I love those brogues. I'm so into coloured brogues at the moment! XX

    1. omg same! So summery and colourful yet just amazing and sophisticated. Unfortunately, I don't have tonnes of money to treat myself :( but I guess we all go through phases of things we want, mine changes all the time! x


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