Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Graphic Tees

One of my favourite item of clothing is a cute graphic tee, with a sassy quote to say something you're too afraid to say to someone's face. 

I thought I'd maybe share with you my thoughts on them and show you some really cute, sassy ones (mostly from tumblr)

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Whilst searching for my favourite tees I noticed a strong theme of: Pizza, Wifi and sassy remarks. Well I guess they are the key to winning any tumblr girl's heart. 

I would say my favourites have to be anything Brandy Melville. I loved the infinity one and thought it meant so much however the real reason was probably inspired by Bethany Mota. I managed to find a cheap £2 remake of the top and was literally screaming I was so happy.

Another amazing brand of perfect tees are Fresh Tops. I couldn't possibly choose my favourite since there are so many designs with a bucket full of sass. Unfortunately they are a little on the pricey side with crop tops as high as $37 but you should check them out. They also do beanies, sweaters and much more. If I had a limited supply of cash, I would definitely buy the entire store. Just.. so... tumblr. Also, being an american brand, if you are British, you will definitely stand out.

I was thinking of making my own t shirts using transfer paper I bought here. There is no better way to share indirect, passive aggressive quotes to people with big writing on your top. Or maybe you can constantly remind everyone that you love pizza. By buying plain white t shirts here, you can create your own personalized t-shirt cheaper than any of these I've talked about. I will make a tutorial on how to do it when I make it but for now you can watch this.

The only slight down-side to this trend is that there are so many and some can maybe seem a little "chavvy"? Although most of them sum up teenage life perfectly.

What do you think about the simple but opinionated tops?

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