Saturday, 10 May 2014

DIY Whiteboard Polaroid Memo Note

Ever since I've started doing this blog, I've wanted to make something to do with Polaroids. Mostly because of those adorable, pastel Instax Minis which every "hipster" seems to have. They don't seem so expensive on the exterior however, by doing research, I've found that the film actually costs a lot. Not everything is as good as it seems. Luckily, you can easily make your own polaroids with: an editing software, a printer and glossy photo paper. I looked around the internet and saw this tutorial on how to make polaroids without breaking your bank. I didn't want to redo anything so I racked my brains some more. I always had the idea of a polaroid memo note however that would involve, just, some paper and would last about a second. Finally, after thinking about it for at least a week, an idea popped into my head. (I feel like I'm writing a story for 6 year olds.)What if- It could be a memo note which acts like a whiteboard, where you can write on it and easily rub it off. What if I could put it anywhere I want? That's why I came up with this...

First Chop your card down to the size you want. If you want a template then you can use this one.

Then simply use the template (or wing it) to draw the outline of the polaroid. I just winged it and measured half a centimeter from the edges and marked it with a pencil. I then drew out the right shape I wanted and rubbed it out so it was only a faint line. After that, I went over it with a black sharpie and the ruler.

Next grab the clear cellophane ( I got mine from a packet of subject organizers) and cut it down to size with about 5 centimeters extra around edge.

For the next bit you can either use glue, tape or both. I used both to be extra safe. All you do is fold the excess over the edges and tape or glue it down. When you do the opposite edge, pull it quite tight there is no air inside when you seal all the edges. The cellophane is good because you can easily write on it with whiteboard pens and it rubs off effortlessly. You can also cut up a clear plastic wallet or laminates but always test whether felt tips rub off!

When it comes to putting this little thing up, there are 2 choices. You can hot glue on a magnet, try sticking it on your fridge or jazzing up your whiteboard, or you can simply stick a bit of blu-tac on it. 

The easiest option is probably the blu-tac however I decided to hot glue on the magnet. Do you want to know why? Because that was the only idea that I had at the time. Until I realized that I could've just drew on the whiteboard instead of this piece of paper. That is why I'm hiding my stupidness with "jazzing up your whiteboard" and "sticking it on the fridge". 
My hot gluing skills

I'm not promoting my blog or anything...

So now that I've shared with you my "magnificent" idea, I hope you can do it yourself or maybe adapt it in a personal way to suit you! Maybe you could make the frame coloured or do a different shape. Have a very good day and happy blogging!

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