Saturday, 24 May 2014

DIY Flower Headband

I've actually already done a post on flower crowns but I decided to make another one in a different way. You can read my last post here.

So I won't talk about flower crowns but I will just say that I have made a flower crown before but it was the method using wire so it was quite uncomfortable however today It will be with elastic and string so let's get started! ----->

What You'll Need:

Not finished yet. Don't judge
First you want to get your string and measure it about ¾ around your head since the elastic will take care of the other quarter. Cut the string and this next bit is optional depending on the thickness of the string. I decided to plait the string so it was thicker and I could put the flowers on easier but of course this is optional. If you do it, just tie the ends in a small, tight knot. After that, I decided to cut the elastic to size and sew it on to the string. The sewing is optional since you can just glue it or tie them together. I just feel safer with that extra "secureness". As you can see in the picture, it doesn't exactly look amazing at this point. Oh and I didn't cut off that extra elastic at the end because I have a very limited supply of black elastic and I just wanted to keep it incase something happened. By limited, I mean that is the only bit I have from some old shorts or something! 

Now pick off or cut off the main flowers and start planning where you are going to put them. I decided to just use 5 flowers. What you also have to do is trim the stalks since I didn't cut them enough so they stick out now a little bit which is a bit of a bummer. 

The only thing next to do is hot glue them on. I had all the 5 pins all in place before I hot glued so I knew exactly where to put them. So yeah. Just glue on the pins and pop the flower on. When I did it, I held it in place for a few seconds since hot glue is known for its rapid drying time. 

Once it is all on, it is ready to wear. You are now free to take as many photos of your head as your camera will take. 

The tutorial was inspired by this one.


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