Wednesday, 26 November 2014

a photo opportunity

Hello! So on the way back from school one day I noticed, what you could call, a "photo opportunity". It was around the corner from my house so quickly went back, got the camera and took some photos! I rushed a little bit as people were still walking past but I just really liked them! 

Also, apologies for my lack of blogging and friday favourites. I've been busy, like seriously busy! I'm planning something super special for my shop and blog!


Saturday, 15 November 2014

this morning // dalirae

Recently I have been really into small, "meaningful" posts with not much planning, more spontaneous? Well, hopping out of my non-existent schedule isn't that spontaneous but I try, I really do. Anyway, before I start this post I just need to catch you up with my beings:

  • I've started to write down all of my dreams as I find them very interesting and normally forget them quite soon.
  • I have a long notes bit on my phone where I've written them all down.
  • Unfortunately, long story short, my phone got water damaged and it has been sitting in rice the past week :(
  • Last night I had a really nice dream which I needed to get down before it flew away from the 10% of my brain I could reach.
  • So I got out my notebook and wrote it down.
  • It was quite early in the morning so I had a little night light from IKEA to guide me through the hand ache. 
  • Whilst sitting in my bed recalling last night's adventures, it somehow spurred a photography opportunity. 
I speak no more and let pictures take over words....

Guess I was feeling "tumblry"?

Yes, Yes my handwriting is atrocious. It is difficult doing it lying down though. hehe

Hope you liked the pictures - Have a wonderful day! 
Oh and I'm hoping to do a Sunday Special tomorrow as I wanted to post this today! 

Thursday, 13 November 2014


USELESS WARNING: There is a slight chance you will find this post boring unless you are a student but it's up to you whether you cast your eyes on this post or not. 

On my home screen I have a neat little folder called "boring". In that I place the "apps which you can't delete" ie: newstand, passbook, stocks and for a long time: podcasts. Up until around a week ago, podcasts were useless. Well, I'd never given them a chance but I'd assumed they were boring and paid for. When I finally decided to give them ago, as I wanted extra help learning mandarin, I found out they were free and useful as heck (never used that word before, just reminds me of "The Middle".) I now have tonnes downloaded and it doesn't take up much storage as you can either stream them, storagelessly (made up word of the day) and if you do decided to download them for wifi free listening, they are deleted after finishing. 

I tend to download ones if I need help revising for a certain subject, or so I can improve on pronouncing chinese and then listen to them when I go to bed. Although I'm not certain it't scientifically proven that falling asleep to something helps you remember it (well I haven't researched it) but it's an easier way of doing something than reading it and staying awake all night studying. 

Not only are there factual podcasts but funny ones: Tyler Oakley had his own "podcast subscription thing" which I didn't actually listen to but assumed he wasn't teaching us the periodic table or anything. Basically, there are masses of sound bytes just waiting to be listened to. 

As for the Android users out there, I did my research and found ways that you can get podcasts tooooooooo:

  • If you search them up on the internet, they will generally have a "download" button so you can download them!
  • There are free apps you can download suchas "Podcast Addict" and "Podcast Republic".
Although this isn't the kind of post I would generally do, I just wanted to share with you guys something that I found useful because I'm helpful like that. 

Moral of the story: Don't judge a book by it's cover, or name and give podcasts ago.

Oh and don't make me say "This isn't a sponsored post" because like Apple would pay a teenager with like 10 followers to talk about their free app which is automatically on every iPhone and millions people are already using. Thankyou. 

Hehe BYEYEEE have a good day!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

the sale rack at urban

Ever since I immersed myself in the hipster warehouse we call Urban Outfitters, I fell in love. Although now more of a mainstream shop, I still adore the eccentric, vintage-inspired pieces. What I don't love is the price. 

That's why they have sales. Thank goodness.

Although huge sales are seasonal, I always find a little sale rack hidden away somewhere. They are never kept in the best condition. With clothes on the floor, all packed into a tiny room. It is almost as if they don't want things going cheap but if something's cheap, it't cheap. Anyway, I've recently been on the hunt for a new dress for a slightly special occasion you'll hear about later! Whilst rail flicking, I found two for £15 each. I genuinely couldn't decide on which one I preferred so I got both and here they are!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

saturday specials

Today I present to you another round "Saturday Specials". I would've done a "friday faves" but I foolishly over exaggeration there posted on the Thursday and, as I don't post too often anymore, when I finally do I would prefer them not to be cramped next to each other... Anyway This week has been stressful, to say the least and it has been cold... just cold. I spent my whole morning planning a christmas series which better work out because the christmas excitement overcame me. But let's see what I've been loving!

Favourite Shop

totally out of the ordinary... and i love it.

Favourite Clutch
Actually from the owner of the shop before's Depop, who also had the collar I mentioned last time. Unfortunately it's sold now. Pooey.

Favourite Show
Creds to Netflix.

Favourite Hobby

Although I've been playing piano for around 5 years, I have really started to enjoy playing it. I believe I've mentioned it in one post or another but yep I love it. 

Favourite Background
This seems to be a common "favourite" of mine. I would say I change my phone background more than I change my hair.

Have an amazing day and I hope you aren't cursed with rain!
Unless you like rain then enjoy it! hehe

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Asos Wishlist!

Recently I downloaded the asos app! Although I can't recall any purchases from Asos in my lifetime, I really like a lot of the things on there and hope to buy stuff as it is free delivery, something most shops or websites don't have. But, back to the app, it is just so easy to do my daily dose of internet shopping and you can also put things you like in a "save for later" section. I love this as I generally just bookmark everything and forget about it. But I don't want to hold you back for too long so let's get on!