Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Then and Now Tag

Today I felt like doing a tag as a part of my break from "my thoughts on". I searched the internet for a suitable tag with questions I could actually answer without having most of the questions answered with "I don't know." I gave up pretty soon. 
" Dali. That is not the attitude!"  (talking to myself here) Well actually, I decided to just make my own. So try not to cringe at my attempt. Warning: This tag involves going down memory lane. Let's Go! ----->

What colour did you have most of in your wardrobe?
Probably Pink and Purple. Yes I was a girly girl. Apparantly, it was a backlash against having to wear my brother's cast offs for years.
What was your favourite accessory?
I never really wore any jewellery (except for freebies from magazines) however I always wore those cloth headbands.
What was your favourite Pattern?
I think I liked every pattern... like a mix of patterns. I actually have a picture of me wearing spotty leggings, a stripy dress and a floral red gilet.
What was your favourite style/brand of shoe?
I wore simple trainers and Birkenstocks however they weren't always my choices.
What 3 words would have described your style?
Cheap, Patterns, Bad.
What shop was your favourite?
H&M. I actually think the only reason I liked it because I got everything cheap in the sale.

What colour do you have most of in your wardrobe?
I actually had to check this one but I believe it is 2 colours: blue and pink. I actually am not really into those colours but mind=slightly blown.
What is your favourite accessory?
Flower Crowns. End of. Okay next question bye.
What is your favourite Pattern?
Do graphics count? If not, floral... daisy floral.
What is your favourite style/brand of shoe?
Despite the fact I don't own any of these, I really like brown brogues.
What 3 words describe your style?
Comfy, Colourful, Bargains.
What shop is your favourite?
I like a lot of clothes from New Look and Urban Outfitters but don't actually shop from them. 

So that was my new creation of a tag. If you want to do this tag, try to focus it on the last point in your life that your style was different or something I don't know. Wow so formal Dali.

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