Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Graphic Tees

One of my favourite item of clothing is a cute graphic tee, with a sassy quote to say something you're too afraid to say to someone's face. 

I thought I'd maybe share with you my thoughts on them and show you some really cute, sassy ones (mostly from tumblr)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

DIY Bunny Ear Hair Bobble or Band

Hi everyone! Did you have a good Easter? Okay, okay. I'm sorry I'm late, but as an "eastery" DIY, I decided to make something I've seen around the internet. You most likely know what I am about to say since it is in the title so I won't repeat myself. I just wanted to say that I have made a lot of scrunchies (As you can see here) and I have made the bunny ear one from Anneorshine's video here. But I have also seen bunny ears on average hair bobbles and bands so I thought I'd do them instead. It is basically half the effort since you only have to make the ears but I guess I'm quite the lazy one, aren't I.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

How To Get In The Summer Mood

As you might know, I am having summer withdrawal (that may or may not be a real thing) and living in England doesn't help. Right now it's spring and every few days you will get the odd "sunny day". By "sunny day" I mean, it looks perfect and you put on your flowy dress when you step outside and you realize that things aren't always as they look. You think you can bear it - you might just be in the shade... Right? Wrong. It's freezing so you run outside and get back changed into your pjs. That pretty much sums up England. I will not actually get into this post and start talking about how to get in the summer mood, whether the weather is a actually good or not. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Floral Clothes

Floral dresses, Floral Blouses, Floral tops even floral trousers and shorts. You can literally get anything in a floral design. I guess they are in fashion, right? Like I've said before, I'm not wearing a badge saying: "Hello. I'm fashionable." I will have to reiterate that in probably every "fashion" post I string up. Now let me get back to the actual post, yay!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Well Hi There...

Congratulations. *Clap* *Clap* Why am I applauding you?
Well, you happened to find this blog... this tiny blog in a vortex of other blogs, probably way better than this! If you aren't bored (or cringing) yet, let me tell you what you could expect (Okay this is cringey now)
Well, I love DIY's - Anything creative... okay, anything cheap (I'm a cheapskate, you may want to accept that)
I also happen to have a semi-interesting life so I might just talk about anything really.

WARNING: I happen to have a slight craving for summer: The beautiful weather, the clothes that you can finally dig out the back of the wardrobe (In England anyway), the picnics, early mornings, late nights- I should probably stop now before I really get started.
Oh and just one last message- I am not normally this "posh" in real life (This is my style of writing).
Have a lovely day
P.S I also like rhyming!