Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Loving this May

Helllooo!! Today I'm basically doing my May favourites- I just wanted to be slightly different in my title. I will be doing mostly random things because I don't really do beauty. It's the inside that counts, inspirational quote for you right there boom. By the way I tend to go on a bit so Yeah if you don't understand what I am talking about, I forgive you. Let's go! 

So first I am going to start with food!
This one is actually very recent, like literally 27th May- fazam. I don't even low what fazam is, I was going to say boom but I didn't want to be a parrot. Okay, it is coconut, dessicated coconut. If you read that in a James Bond accent I like you but I don't like James Bond. Excuse my non-existent sense. I never really tried coconut ever because of my allergy and just in case it is contaminated and confusing things but I tried it for the first time and now I love it. I don't eat it by it's self though, it's in cakes. Today I made a white chocolate and coconut cake and I actually cannot stop going back for more and more and more and oh wait it's gone. The one that I like is 100% organic from Unicorn (yes unicorn is a shop name). 

Next is music! This month I have been playing kina grannis' new album on repeat. I watched the elements album stream which is where she talked about each song and how they came to be and it is really interesting to find out the story behind a song. I actually think I know every single thing that she says. Unfortunately she took it off youtube to make you buy the album but I don't have the money so I'm making do with the live versions. The next artist is Ingrid michaelson. Her album lights out is amazing too! Listen to afterlife and home, my faves. Next is for the vampire diaries fans out there: wings by birdy. This basically was the song that they played on the very last scene of season 5 episode 22 where I nearly cry everytime. I recently found the song and just... The feels are overwhelming. 

Now I have an app for you. Elevate! This is something to test your brain. The design is extremely slick and modern and it has daily tasks to train your brain! They don't last long and I feel a lot more productive when I complete it. 

So this is actually all my faves. I would say it was quick but it really wasn't. Have a gooood day and yeah. I'm in a happy/emotional mood because I'm listening to wings by birdy and uh I just want to rant about what happened in tvd and I know it was ages ago but yeah. I actually feel like I am having a normal chat and I am not feeling the overwhelmingly posh edge that I normally give in my posts. Oh well, which style do you prefer?

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