Thursday, 1 May 2014

Gifts From Hong Kong

   So today my Grandma and Grandma came back from Hong Kong bearing gifts. So I grabbed that opportunity with both hands and decided to do some sort of Hong Kong haul. Let's Go!

The first thing that I got was the black floral skirt. I've never 
actually been to Hong Kong so I'm not an expert on the shops but the label says "Elf. Stylishly Space." I really like skirts for summer and I think this one is really cute and flowy. The unique thing about this one is that it actually has bloomers on the inside. Unfortunately, they look more like white hot pants so I might cut it off and use the material to make something!

The next thing is a phone case from CMCase (Custommade case). It is one of those foldy ones, which I kinda need since pretty much all of my cases are unprotective hard backs. Although, it can be a bit annoying, it is better than an annoying smashed screen. Another good point is the way that you can stand it up (shown in picture). I always have to stand my phone up against something, which isn't good because someone always has to move it or take it away. 

I also got some of these things which look like face towels but are actually sweatbands. I can't really see myself using them but I do go jogging so I guess I will be wearing them.

The next thing is what's in the pink bag in the top picture. It contains a box which contains a really cute bracelet. I have always wanted a good quality bracelet which I can never take off. Unfortunately, I have school so that isn't the best place to wear something like that but I want to wear it on weekends and anywhere else really. I love it because my mum has the same one which she never takes off. Like Mother, like daughter.

I would just like to say that I am very grateful for everything in this post and I don't just get spoilt with random gifts like this all the time! This may or may not be counted as a lifestyle post but I guess it is my life so... yeah. Have a very good day and Happy Blogging!

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