Thursday, 8 May 2014

Gift Wrapping Ideas + Our late Easter!

Before you say anything, Yes this is an Eastery post and Yes I do realize that Easter passed like 2 weeks ago. So that is why I am going to just talk quickly about my Easter and then move onto gift wrapping ideas which can be used for birthdays and anniversaries. Let's Go ---->

So for Easter, me and my friends (including Ella, Emily and Helena) decided to do some sort of Easter Secret Santa. We all had a budget of around £3 and basically just bought chocolate and decorated them. By the time that we had finally arranged to give our gifts to them, we all pretty much knew who had got us. Despite the fact that it wasn't Easter, we all had an amazing time sitting in the park stuffing our faces. Helena had me and got me an adorable chicken bag filled with mini eggs, malteaster bunnies and lindor! Coincidentally, I also got Helena but my favourite part of our Easter Experience was decorating the gifts so I am going to show you how I packaged it and ideas for any gift giving (best for small things like chocolate!)

This is what it looked like from the outside. I had to cover it up with tissue paper so that nobody knew who I had. The silver gift bag may have been one I got from a previous birthday...

I decided to get an old jam jar and fill it with lindor and mini kinder eggs. I then cut up a bit of white material and tie it around the top with some string. That random bit of tape on the top is just washi tape (i don't even know ). If you have the materials and time, a good jar idea would be the DIY toy mason jars. There is a tutorial here.

Re- Used Packaging
To be extra eco, you can re use packaging from other things. For example, I used a cellophane bag from something that I had and put stuff in there. You can also re use boxes and bags. 

Shredded Tissue Paper
If you have a box or bag and want to fill it up, try shredding some paper or tissue paper and put it in. It adds a lot of colour and is cheaper than buying paper grass. It would also be nice to put on top so it covers it gives it extra protection.
Washi Tape
I love washi tape and believe it is every crafter's must- have. I like to use it to colour up something and add labels. It adds a home-made look to the gift. 

Labels on String

Using string, card, pens and a hole puncher, you can make really cute name tags around the present. It adds a vintage look and enables you to decorate it suitable for the person you are giving the present to. I like to use embroidery thread as a replacement for string since it is more colourful!

If you put things in jars or boxes, it is really cute when you add little messages just on paper or card. Whether it's witty or a compliment, it's always nice to read things. By doing this, you can make it very personal.

Parcel Paper

If you are giving someone something big and want to wrap it up, the most crafty wrapping paper is probably parcel paper. Anything wrapped up in it, looks vintage and you can easily decorate it with felt tips, string, glitter glue, charms, flowers, washi tape, pictures, anything. 

I hope you can be inspired to really personalize the next gift you give. Happy Blogging and Very Late Easter!

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