Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Top Ten Favourite Apps

Smartphones have somewhat took over our everyday lives. Have you ever tried to just switch it off and not go on it? Impossible, right? A great thing about smartphones are the endless possibilities of things you can do with it, with the help of apps. Today I'm going to share with you my top 10 favourite apps. Now I am young, I don't exactly have a busy work life or a busy life in general. It consists of school, sleep and food (and blogging of course!) Let's Go! ----->

I first saw this game on the Top charts of the App Store and it looked way too confusing but I decided to give it ago in a mind of boredom. At first, I really didn't understand it. I literally swiped my fingers and watched as the numbers magically turned into other numbers but I got used to it eventually and now it cures my boredom like a treat. Basically you have to mix two of the same numbers together to multiply them together. I've managed to get to the 1024 tile. What about you?

2. Reminders
You might not think this one counts since it is a default app however I use it a lot on a daily basis. If you happen to know me in person, you might be familiar with my habit of planning and writing lists. It makes me feel a lot better and productive so it is even better when it is on my phone. The best part of the app is the ability to set alerts. I have numerous alerts set to guide me throughout the day. So if you aren't normally the organized type, give the app a go to plan your day.

3. Rookie
Edited On Rookie AppRookie is a photo editing app which I like to use for its so "hipster" frames, fonts and stickers. It also has lots of filters to improve your selfie however the best ones cost money. I manage to get by without spending money since the app is still extremely good but if you are willing to pay the extra money for packs of frames,filters and stickers. 

4.Google Translate
This app probably isn't useful for most people however I'm learning mandarin at the moment and it helps me when I forget what a character is. I have got the Chinese keyboard where you draw the character. 

Although I don't make youtube videos or anything, I do make a personal video of my life and what I do, purely for memories and enjoyment. I have no plan to post these on youtube and to probably not show anyone but I edit them with iMovie since it is now free and quite intuitive. My videos go in months and I edit them with my favourite song of the month in the background. 

If you didn't know already, I do have a tumblr (link here). And I actually only really use the app to access it. It's so much easier to scroll. Do you ever get it when you are I'm the laptop and you are scrolling with a mouse and suddenly you just lose where you are and the bar is so small you can hardly see it. I get that a lot. So if you are going to endlessly scroll, do it on the app. 

Come on. We all have snapchat. The only way to send ugly selfies to your friends without them tormenting you for the rest of your life. Actually. There is always the option to screenshot but that issue kinda got solved when it tells you if someone screenshots it. GET IN THERE! That means that if you do, you get constant snapxhats back saying : "why did you screen shot it ??" I guess that snapchat can also break the friendship trust bond. Snapchat also has the "my story" feature which is perfect to show off what you're doing without being too arrogant. We all do it though, don't we? 

8. iMusic
Although I do have lots of music already on my actual music app, I like to use this to download the "other" songs. Maybe ones we like to listen every now and then. The "so last year" songs which I still enjoy listening to. I also keep all my summer songs from last year to just remind me of the perfect season, like I mentioned in this post. Ahhh. But the good thing about the app is that you actually download the song and video whilst in a wifi zone and then you can listen to it in the middle of no where. That isn't the only thing that means though, oh no. Let's say, you're going on holiday where you have to pay for wifi. You are basically going to be quite bored and want something to do whilst you are sunbathing. What better to do than watch youtube videos. The downside is that it does involve not watching videos but instead downloading them to watch wifi free videos of your favourite youtubers. 

9. Bloglovin
There is a 50% chance that you are reading this on bloglovin, right? It is basically just a perfect app for viewing all your favourite blogs in one app. It is just a massive time-saver. Not to be big-headed or anything, but you can follow me on bloglovin here

10. Buzzfeed
Now my last, but certainly not least, all is Buzzfeed. I don't know about you, but I love every buzzfeed youtube channel and just find them so interesting. Not to mention, they are quick videos which you can watch on a break and get back to what you are doing. The app is basically every one of their videos plus very interesting articles and quizzes. Oh my god, the quizzes. I actually spent an hour just going through every single absolutely pointless but hilarious quiz. When you're bored, instead of checking out your social media over and over again, go on or download the app and cure your boredom once and for all with so many different topics. It's basically perfect for everyone. 

So now that I have probably advertised all these apps, go give one a try and immerse yourself in this generation.  (I seem to use the word immerse in almost every post. Well atleast it wasn't the word "put". #sophisticated)

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