Tuesday, 23 December 2014

LATE quirky wrapping ideas! | dalirae :|

As I started to gather tutorials off the beloved internet, I realised how late I am with this post. I mean, for me it isn't as 9 out of 10 presents aren't yet wrapped (EXTREME CALAMITY ) but I imagine you organised lot are done and dusted with Christmas. Well I hope you are otherwise I'll sound a little stupid but, for the sake of my dignity/ need to spread my ideas, I'm going to carry on with the post...

Monday, 22 December 2014

last minute DIY gifts!

Oh hello! I've finally returned from the dead (I'm not sure  for how long though.) My "Daily December" (or should I say "faily december") has officially gone down hill due to my 8 day post lacking. The writing mood just hasn't came in my direction lately so I've pulled myself up and wrote a quick DIY roundup post. Fingers crossed I'll be taking many photos over the festive period and sharing them to the Internet. Now, for the actual post, who hasn't got all their presents yet? Me! So here are some last minute DIY ones. Easy? I hope so. 

DIY Dinosaur iPhone Stand
via Eatsleepmake
DIY Pencil Holder
via Goodshomedesign
DIY Lego iPad Stand
via Piikea Street
I actually made this last year for Uncles' gifts. However it was for phones I wasn't as technical with the wheels (ie: I put a load of bricks on top of each other with a little hole for a charger to go through.
DIY Clipboard
via The Graphics Fairy

DIY Paperclip Earcuffs
via Aussiebeauty28
DIY Embellished Socks
via allwomenstalk

DIY Pom Pom Bobbles
via Artzy Creations
DIY Peg Hooks
via Bloesem

DIY Washi Tape 
via nifty thrifty

DIY Mug Warmer
via lovethispic
DIY Dino Pencil Toppers
via andweplay
There seems to be a dinosaur theme going around. Hmm. 

Okay so some of these might've not made the best gift (cough* cutting up a sock *cough*) however with a bit of beautiful packaging, some of your, now, homemade washi tape and a cute note, it will look beauts.
I've linked all the DIY tutorials to the pictures so click and make away! Just in case I never get round to completing my daily December, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ho ho ho! Suddenly I'm overwhelmed with festivity. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

my christmas tree! | daily december

After two long weeks of December vanished into thin air, we finally got around to putting our christmas tree up! Well, I did. Because it's fake. I had the will power to go through it on my own. Nobody wanted to do it with me really. Oh well. Their loss. Our christmas tree was bought years and years ago for like £50. As we've used it every year, it's saved a lot of money and looks decent enough despite it's slightly limp stance. This year I decided to go for some sort of colour arrangement within the decorations. Just a bit of back info, over the years, we've accumulated a number of ornaments. The traditional gold + red baubles which came with the tree were soon joined by handmade paper stuff, tinsel, brightly coloured balls, fairy lights and a lot of sparkly pipe cleaners (for some reason or another). Due to sentimental reasons, I have to put them all up. I don't even care if it looks like Nyan Cat pooped on our tree. I was a "creative" child. Yes. By "creative" I mean I would put glitter glue on a pom pom and balance it on a branch. Anyway, here are a number of photos of our tree. WARNING: I over did the bokeh. There is no escaping when it comes to lights and manual focus.

in preparation for CHRISTMAS! | daily december

If you've came into human contact with me in the past week or two, you may have witnessed my, umm, well, complaining. If you would like a small, unnecessary rant, then read this next bit but if not, scroll ahead my friend. 
CHRISTMAS JUST COMES SOO QUICKLY. I am in no way ready. Not prepared one single bit. In fact, the excitement hasn't even risen to a 3, let alone FLIPPIN 10! I'm just so busy, busy, busy, christmas hasn't even occured to me or my family. Our tree ceases to exist as the huge storage units used our craft fair take up it's place. Sorry for this. But, if anybody is feeling the same way, please tell me. Or have you got every present? Anyway, on for the real post. 

What is the real post? I say in my head.

Yes um, so this post was a little spontaneous so here's a really cute video of puppies at christmas. HERE!

or here:

I MAY or may not make up for missed posts and post twice in a day but I doubt it so yep.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

quirky stocking fillers | daily december

Instead of giving socks and mugs this year, try having a look at my "quirky stocking fillers". C'mon, you know you want to. 

Sweary Pencils - £4.50 The Curious Pancake

The curious pancake 

Ceramic deer spoons - $8.50 - Notonthehighstreet

Selfie stick - £7.99 Menkind

Mini Screenprinted Clipboard - £6 Ding Ding

Camera Lense mug - £14.99 Firebox

My Little Pony Lunch Box - £8 Paperchase

Long life milk portable chargers - £14.99 Firebox

Temporary Tattoos - £15.95 ($25)  Tattify

Vitamin ball pens - 68p LightintheBox

Peace Hand Ring Holder - £10 Urban Outfitters

Portable Mini Mixing Deck - £20 Paperchase

And if all goes wrong, just get them HUGE chocolate! 

I hope these weren't too out of anybody's price range! 

Also, apologies for not posting yesterday. I was meant to post this but decided to sleep instead #noregrets.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

contemporary craft fair | daily december

As I mentioned briefly in my last post, I've been doing/helping out with a craft fair. I say helping out because it was my parents'. They make and sell letterpressed greeting cards here. It was at a place called "Nottingham Contemporary", which is a really modern, almost quite quirky place. I hope you aren't getting bored of my "photography" posts because it's another one today. hehe.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

christmas scrimping | daily december

For broke teenage girls like me the only thing bad thing about christmas is the price tag which lays on everything. *sad emoji* HOWEVER, me being a full time cheapskate, means I find my ways around. Although I may not "dramatically change your life", I may help you save money, money, money. 

First things first is an app. Similar to "feature points", you download apps in order to gain vouchers. At first I was doubtful. However, after many "is appbounty legit?" searches, I decided to give it a go. Turns out, it works. Once you've downloaded an app, you can delete it as soon as you receive points and 600 points = £1. So, if you plan on getting gifts on Amazon, try it!

This one is a bit too late but why don't you stock up on sales? Let's say, Boxing Day/ post Christmas sales. If you have storage, get everything cheap for the next year (or birthdays). Although, in the modern age, sales are constant so this tip wasn't helpful in the least.

Of course I'm an avid fan of this particular one. Not only are handmade gifts sentimentally special, but cheap. There are many, many videos on YouTube and other blog posts however if you, maybe, venture onto the world of Google *cough* page 2, you may find some great ideas! Hopefully I will be posting DIYs and rounding up my favourites for YOUUUUU! 

Hehe. I lured you in with a confusing title, right? no. uhkay. But this is yet another, "late idea". Competitions. Ugh I know. You'll never win. But, THAT IS NOT THE ATTITUDE. There are millions of competitions scattered all over the Internet. You can subscribe to magazines, and all sorts. I will confess, I've never actually entered a small internet competition before but, worth a try, ey?

Basically, what is stopping you from giving people things that you never use? Especially if they are in spick + span condition and you don't tell them. SHHHH. Or you could incorporate it into some sort of DIY. 

So it was a night post today! It's because I've been super busy with everything and I've been doing a craft fair, which will have it's own post soon! 


Friday, 5 December 2014

DIY Mini Book/Notepad | daily december

Woah. I haven't done a DIY in a long time. *weeps in a corner * BUT hopefully I will have so many more DIYs to come as it's the christmas month! Yes, I make most of my gifts, no I do not mean photo frames and mugs. Hehe. But anyway today I have a cute DIY, which you can give to family and close friends, more sentimentally. And that is... A TINY BOOK! oh yes

Thursday, 4 December 2014

christmas jumpers | daily december

One thing which hasn't yet found a place in my wardrobe are christmas jumpers! I would guess it's because I like making sure my money goes to good use and not to something only "socially acceptable" one time a month. Nevertheless, I am a huge christmas fanatic and have gathered my favourite festive finds (mostly from Asos!) 

Click on the pictures for the links!

I'm not normally a huge fan of gimmicks and black clothes (COLOUR FOR THE WIN!) however this is cool. 

I love the simplicity yet detail.

Not a jumper but who cares, it's pretty.

Food. What else can I say?

By far my favourite christmas jumper ever to be seen (Yes the collar comes with it!)

Simples, cute and seems to be cropped (YAAS)

Yet another detailed one. woop!
One of my favourite sweaters ever seen from Uniqlo but it's sold out :( I'm sorry that it's not christmassy but *heart eyes emoji!

Yet again from the same designed as the last one and not sold out YES! £14.90, not christmassy, blah, blah, who cares, it's warm.

Which one was your favourite?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

vintage shopping in town | daily december

On Sunday, me and my friends went "vintage shopping". Well, we just went to, what we call, town but steered clear of high street shops. Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything (although I did spot some bargains) however I decided to carry a camera around with me and took many photos. 

It was a pastel yellow door! What's not to a-door!