Monday, 14 September 2015

a car boot haul | dalirae

On Sunday I went to the first car boot sale that I've been to in a while. By a while, I mean a good 5 or 6 years and, back then, all I was interested in was bad children's DVDs, headbands with bows on and food. Now, being the mature teenager I am, I found myself flicking through CDs, vinyls, and rails of vintage clothing (not to mention the odd pile of DS games as I may have resurrected my Nintendo a few um months ago). In the end, I came out with 7 items of damn cool clothing and a cheeky free badge on top for the grand total of £6.50. Yes. £6.50. An average of 93p per item. What a bunch of bargains. Anyway, here's everything that I "splurged" on.

 These cord shorts, originally from Uniqlo (one of my favourite brands) left me £2 out of pocket. Two whole pounds. Oh and a "fun" fact you should know about me is that I LOVE CORDUROY.

 This next item has to be my favourite and biggest bargain of the century. For a measly 50p, I give you the weird but totally cool denim patchwork jacket thing. It's pretty oversized but pretty damn awesome. P.S The badge didn't come with it *hint hint*.

This interesting, asymmetric skirt with odd scattered buttons, also at 50 pence caught my eye. I can't currently see myself wearing it without making a few alterations but for half a pound, I couldn't resist.

I love anything oversized and seemingly "vintage" so this Hawaiian Corona beer shirt found it's way into my poundland shopping bag the stall owner gave me. Unfortunately, when I tried it on the minute I came home, it didn't look amazing on me so I'm thinking of selling it but don't tell anyone I got it for 50p! shhh.

WOAH. Another item for 50p. Actually, 5 out of 7 things I bought were 50p so yes okay. I love love loved this hayuUUGE mustard yellow polo top, originally from Gap. I love yellow, not sure if you know that already but my wardrobe doesn't seem to hold much of this somewhat autumny shade. BUT NOW IT DOES! The blue accenty stripes make it seem a little sporty, maybe "jockey-ish" but I was initially thinking winter, snuggly, cosy with some leggings.

 Okay I'm afraid this is the last 50p item and it's a pretty plain one but I thought it was snazzy nevertheless. For a while I've wanted just a plain white blouse which isn't my school one. This was cheap and seemed good qual so I picked it up and now have actual class in my wardrobe, not "geography class". At the same stall of shirts and blouses was a Saville Row one, which I seemed to brush off at the time but now I regret it, being the "entrepreneurial person I usually am.
The last item I paid for was actually from my friend, Anna, who I went to the car boot sale with. Yes I did actually forget to mention that I went to help her and her Mum do a stall so that meant we were there for the whole day (or morning, as car boot sales start very early) but the time flew by as there were many stalls to rummage through. I actually brought a few things of my own to sit on the stall but none of them sold unfortunately. Despite this, I will probably at some point in the future persuade a few of my friends to do a stall with me. And, back to the trainers: I actually needed some for a while and turned out they fit me (just about) and I liked them. Everything you need for a pair of shoes, ey?
The final item, something I've been hinting about throughout the post is this beautiful badge. Me and Anna found them lying on some drawers at the end of they day and the man gave the rest of them to us for free! We weren't really sure on the origin or the meaning of the badge but who really cares when it's free and cool?

So yes. That is the end of my car boot haul. If I had the space and the will, I would've probably bought more, a lot more but my parents were already having a go at me for having too many clothes before I went. Anna ended up getting a cord shirt, Gorillaz CD, U can't touch this vinyl (for the "lols) and 2 pairs of trousers for £6.55 so we both went away happy (even though I left with more than I came with). OH WELL!


dali :)