Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pinterest Outfit Inspiration #1

Lemme just say this- Every single time I venture on to the world of Pinterest, I see something that I love or I learn something or I am just blown away by the sheer adorableness of a dog. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I love Pinterest and somehow it is always full of the really cute clothes... like really cute clothes. And from that, I have decided to create a series in which I share things from Pinterest and just talk about them really! You'll get it as I go.

When I first saw this outfit, it caught my eye. Mostly because I actually have leggings that colour and don't know what to wear with them and secondly because I just really like the outfit. 

For most people, this wouldn't be their style. I mean, the bustier crop top (had to google that) isn't really my thing. I would probably go for a white blouse or plain top but I think that the beige and the turquoise are a really nice colour combination.
 I haven't even talked about the shoes yet. Well, the shoes are amazing. Despite the fact that I don't own any shoes like them, I really love that style. They go with the browny colour scheme and ahhh! I just think that the pop of colour just! The colour is bright and eye catching but the big knitted cardigan tones it down. I would've never paired anything like this together before and that just proves how Pinterest inspires you. 

So this was quite a short post but I don't like to bore you. If you would like to check out my Pinterest the link is here. Also, pretty much everything on my "cute clothes" board is from another board called "fashion planet". It is basically a group board with lots of members and the link is here.

Have a very good day!!!!


  1. Love this outfit :) I've nominated you for the very inspirational blogger award, and you can check it out here: http://prettyinpips.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

    1. Hi! Thankyou so much! Post should be up soon! x


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