Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My Personal Style

So I'm not too good at this whole "fashion blogging thing". At the moment I'm doing "my thoughts on things" however I might start doing reviews and talking about other things since my usual posts normally feel quite "all over the place" and unstructured. So that's why today I'm doing "my style" today. Hope you enjoy it!

Basically, I am one for bright colours. As I've mentioned before... summer. One word sums it all up. But other than that I'm normally casual, with jeans and the odd skirt/dress on sunny days. The only items black in my wardrobe are 2 t shirts and some leggings. I also absolutely love graphic tees (especially sassy ones about wifi) and i have a slight obsession with pastels. I try to wear all of my clothes but we all have those clothes which we wear most of the time, right? Okay, that's me. Pretty boring, right? 

But that isn't all I have to say. Don't you think that was a little short?

Well I've recently gotten into basically everything from Urban Outfitters but there are so many things stepping in my way. One of them being my lack of money. I am thirteen and not minted. I also feel that I would look like an idiot wearing anything remotely "vintage" therefore I've decided to wait a couple of years atleast before I try anything too out of reach.


For a few months last year my absolute style icon was Bethany Mota. As much as I really do love her, I now realize that wanted to be her. I once saw a top which was a copy of one she showed in a haul and I bought it. I mean, it was £2 and I do adore it but It probably wouldn't have even caught my eye if I hadn't watched that video. Do you get what I mean? Once me and my friend went into Urban Outfitters and saw the owl money bank which was in her room and nearly bought one just because she had it. I am not saying in any way that she controls people. I genuinely love her and her personality to bits but I feel like, at that period in time, my style wasn't me. I really really don't want to offend anyone. It is my personal blog where I share my thoughts. 

Your style, I feel, is the reflection of your personality (depending on your budget) so you shouldn't anything get in the way. If you want to wear that outfit, which isn't in style, but you like it, then wear it. Nobody can stop you from being who you want to be. 

I managed to go extremely off-topic in this post, not actually talking about my style but I'm glad that I went into the more inspiring thought of mind. Have a very good day and try not to care about anybody except for you

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