Sunday, 27 July 2014

Avène Thermal Water Spray Review

For the first time in forever I am going to do something sort of beauty related and that is a 


As the title clearly states, it will be on the Avène Thermal Water Spray. Before I go off into my own land, I am just going to start this thing! Let's Go!! 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

weather is confusing

okay, I've made up my mind.


especially in the UK.

I'm not even kidding,
the weather has changed from torrential rain to happy happy sun like 5 times today.

just no.

As I write this, it is sunny...ish. Around 10 minutes ago, there was a storm.
like a bhbhrbhbrhbrhbhbehbehrbheeh *FLaSh* storm. (Yes a thunderstorm K?)

You know I am annoyed when I use K.

You know what...

our world is messed up.


guys we need help.


and just leave our weather be.

I'm not entirely sure if what I just said is correct but whooooo carreeees?

There have been some pretty nice sunsets.
and queue the slideshow (PLAY THIS SONG NOW)

there was a rainbow too.


It was puurty.

Did I mention that it was also reallly hot. A heatwave hot.

Did I also mention that by "heatwave" everybody meant torrential rain and hot in the afternoon.

Okay so this wasn't my usual post. Excuse my lack of grammar. I like to call it creativi.... no? Okay. Promise this isn't going to control my blog. I just felt like it, you know? Blogging is best when it comes from the HEEAAART! the hands, the keyboard.

I also realize the weather is such a "small talky"  conversation. Yeah I'm awkward.


oH and also

if I ever don't post for 4 days, comment saying post because I want to update my blog more regularly.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Things I just cannot do

Whilst watching the World Cup final with my dad, I thought if an idea of a blog post. Not that they relate to each other or anything, but it was "things I just cannot do". Let's goooooo! ----->

• Have a midnight snack (especially sweets eww)
• Paint/cut the nails on my right hand
• Drink water after a while without choking on it 
• Not cross out anything in an English lesson
• Have somebody in my contacts without a last name
• Have an all-nighter
• Watch a vlog without skipping a bit
• Watch someone throw up 
• Touch my toes without bending my knees
• Sleep without some sort of duvet or blanket
• Keep my room organised for more than a week
• Do funny things with my eyebrows
• Do any sort of accent
• Listen to one of my favourite songs and mouth at least a little section

Well that's all I can think of for now guys. 

I just decided that I am going to make this into a tag so I tag YOU! Comment if you do it and I'll read it! xx

By the way, this was the first post that was done on my phone so sorry for any changes! 

Byeeee! xx

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

☆Zara Wishlist☆

Whilst in town the other day, we stumbled into Zara. Although having numerous items from Zara (mostly including basics from the children's section), I'd never actually had a proper look around. When I finally did, I fell in love... like actual love. That is when I decided to a Zara wishlist. Let's Go! ----->

Saturday, 5 July 2014

iPhone Case Collection ~ DaliRae

As I have mentioned before in my DIY sassy heart phone case post, I cannot get enough of phone cases so now I am going to do an iphone case collection. Wooo! Let's go! ---》