Saturday, 3 May 2014

DIY Magnetic Pen Holder

Let me start this with a story...
One day in the very distant past, my family decided to take a magical journey to IKEA. This made my heart skip a beat since IKEA was a very wonderful place with affordable, innovative designs (NOT AN ADVERTISMENT). Being the short attention spanned me, I wondered off the the kitchen aisle, only to feast my eyes upon, what I thought, was the most wonderful invention ever to be brought to Earth. The BYGEL Rail. I will stop the sarcastic cheesiness now and skip to the point. Basically, this rail was attached to the wall and came with containershooks and baskets for you to store all your goodies one the wall. I was somewhat mesmerised and needed to get this however my mum had other thoughts. You see, I am allergic to dust (just imagine my sad face) , and for years I have had a small, messy, unorganised room with everything out collecting dust, waiting for me to suffer so my Mum was completely against this idea but I wasn't. I still wanted something to store my whiteboard pens (that was my original plan) , and to go on the wall, just one thing out. I couldn't just buy the rail for 1 bucket so I thought of this idea. A magnetic holder made out of just a plastic cup and some magnets.

It is very important that: 1: The cup is quite lightweight and has atleast one flat side and 2:The magnets are really strong, like really strong. My cup is from IKEA and you can get magnets here.
First I lined up the magnets. Why? Because these were very strong and I had that thought at the back of mine saying: " The magnets might attract and come off!" So I put them so they repelled each other. I did a row going down of four magnets.

I guess after this, it is pretty simple. Yet again, I amaze you with on of my extremely basic DIYs. Well at least you don't have to be an extreme "Pinterest Crafter" to pull this one out of the bag. Just incase you didn't know, You next glue the magnets on the cup. Unfortunately, it didn't go exactly to plan. Turns out you shouldn't let any other magnets get near them whilst the glue is drying. As you might be able to tell in the first picture, there is some glue residue on the cup from where the magnets got literally pulled of. 

After a reasonable amount of drying time (but it is hot glue, I'm not talking about a day here), you can put it on the whiteboard or fridge and gradually fill it up. I would suggest to keep it lightweight- common sense, really. I found that it took my 10 whiteboard pens pretty well.

Now that you're blown away by my "DIY Skills", hopefully you can go ahead and use my idea or adapt it in someway. You could even just ignore this, tell a friend. Whatever you do, Good Luck!

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