Sunday, 10 August 2014

DIY Washi Tape Page Markers | Back To School | DaliRae



Okay then. I don't know what just happened. 

Buuuut I do know that I have another DIY for you today... with washi tape... again.... ooh I do love my tape don't I?

So who loves these?


Although I am not "obsessed", I must admit they are as cool/useful as a bit of plasticy paper can get. They are also slightly overpriced  as a bit of plasticy paper can get and patternless. Not once have I seen a patterned page marker (I don't know about you though!) That is why I decided to do a DIY page marker made entirely out of washi tape! I thought of this a few days ago and have since then fell in love. Let us go then shall we? ---->

So all you need is washi tape! (haha no kidding)

Then you just get the end of the tape, fold the end over of about 3 cm (but it's up to you) and then rip or cut it off with a sticky bit at the end still. I'm not too good at explaining maybe pictures will help!

I think this is just a really cute, easy, simple DIY for back to school or anything. Also you can make loads and package them cute and carry them around, I don't know! The possibilities are endless.

I just put them on a piece of paper for storage and as washi tape has the perfect amount of residue, you can peel it off without ripping any paper off but then stick it back on. Basically washi tape is heaven, you know?

Hopefully my next DIY won't involve washi tape! Unless you want it to! x

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  1. I am really feeling your love for washi tape...I need me some washi!!!


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