Thursday, 22 May 2014

How To Start Off Your Day

Let's admit it. When you wake up, you feel like crap. You know: messy hair, sleep in your eyes, weak bones, not-so-fresh breath. You also have to fight the urge to immerse yourself back into that bed and fall back into paradise. I want to share some steps to motivate you to get out of bed and prep yourself for the day ahead. You can thank me in the comments.

1. Force yourself to get out of bed
I'm afraid that we all have to do it. It's just a way of life. To easily get out, you have to convince yourself it's for the best by saying what you are doing in that day and why you need to get up. I like to set myself strict rules and mentally plan out my next actions in my 1 minute extra lie in. I know it isn't easy for some people but to have a good day, you have to get out on the right side of the bed, if you get what I mean. 

2.Get Some Fresh Air
Whether it is just opening the window or actually taking a walk around the block, just get some fresh air. Research suggests that exercise in the morning is better since it warms you up and gets you prepared for the day. It is also good since you feel it is out of the way, leaving you a stress-free day. Unfortunately, I am not that organized so I tend to just open the window, get a bit of sunlight and fresh air. 

3. Stretch 
When you finally manage to find your balance on your feet, raise your arms and stretch out your whole body- from your toes to the the tips of you fingers. It is good to get the blood flowing around your whole body. That is the only stretch I do because it is the most convenient (and I'm lazy) but you can find some others to improve your day here

4. Wash your face (or shower)
I mean, we should all do it anyway but it is just a good way to really wake yourself up and wash the sleep out of your eyes without aggravating them and picking them. I also like to use quite cold water  to really feel the benefits of a fresh face. What you should never do after washing your face is to leave it. The moisture evaporates leaving your skin dry. That means you should either dry it with a tissue or clean towel (prevents spots) or moisturize it. I use the Aveeno moisturiser

5. Have a glass of water

Doing this has a number of healthy benefits suchas preventing diseases, flushing out toxins and many more. You can read it about it here

6. Brush your hair 
I must admit, I generally tend to miss this step however it is just nice to sort yourself out and feel better about yourself- Especially when you look like you've just scrambled out of the bush.

7. Eat a good breakfast
By "good", I mean healthy and just enough to set you off. Good ideas consist of simple cereals with yoghurt and fruit or porridge and bananas. It is always good to have a energy boosting breakfast to really make you feel a lot more energetic and alive during the day. You can find healthy breakfasts here

8. Set yourself Goals for the day ahead

 Setting yourself goals helps you to feel more productive and gives you aims to reach and things to do. A lot of people write to-do lists. They are just extremely useful in general and really give you a sense of control of your day. So give it a go- Be organised!

9. Smile
The best way to feel good about yourself in the morning is to look in the mirror and smile. There is scientific evidence which proves smiling could actually make you feel happier. So just give it a go, even if you are not in the greatest mood, force yourself to smile (like forcing yourself to get out of bed).

So I hope I made mornings easier for you! If you want to start improving your lifestyle, start with the mornings since they boost the rest of the day! I also have done a " How to get the perfect Night's sleep here" just thought I'd mention that since they are somewhat related.

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  1. Anonymous23/5/14

    Ah such a sweet post! It is important to try and do all these things every morning! I try and fit in a five minute disco dance as well.

    1. Haha Yeah. When you're happy in the morning, it should last the whole day (I hope!) and Thanks! x

  2. good tips x


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