Thursday, 29 May 2014

Things to Brighten Up Your Day

Save this post for the day where you get out of the wrong side of the bed, don't feel like your usual self and are just bored really.
 I've been searching the internet for cute, funny, inspirational pictures and gifs to make you smile or just make your day that much brighter. Let's Go! ----->

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Miley Cyrus making the most of that wrecking ball


Made me Laugh because it's true

Just a Quick Nap

How do you pronounce that?

      The biggest fan


Have you ever seen a Gorilla ride a bike?

 But he's just so tasty

An adorable slow loris
             The happiest fan

                 What a razor!
   I guess Adele wouldn't mind

          We all did Chris

The reunion with Christian the lion

The quokka, the happiest animal

And if you still can't budge your mouth, Watch this video:

 Have a very happy day! (You better!)
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