Saturday, 30 August 2014

New School Year Resolutions

Although our whole " fresh start" "change your life around" " give up stuff" inspirational resolution phase was almost 9 months ago, for kids, a new school year might as well just replace that. Actually, what is the point of school starting again in September. Oh the summer holidays. I think my theory is somewhat correct so discussion to myself is now closed. But shall we just get onto this post? Yes. Yes we shall. --->

#1. Sort your fringe out
For the past two years, I have been fighting between a full fringe and a side fringe. Basically, it just never goes well so I need to decide what is happening up there before I step into society once again. 

#2. Talk to more people
Once, I did a, most likely fake, online test to find out whether I was an extrovert or an introvert. It's results were more extrovert however I, personally, claim to be an ambievert (the middle ground). You know what, I don't even know how this is related to what I am about to say but I just want to talk to more people who I would normally never or rarely just because I want to.

#3. Take more opportunities
This one I do actually do but it's an inspirational one isn't it. Actually, I could improve. I mean, if you get offered to go on a special trip then go on it. Even if you don't particularly like the subject I think opportunities are good and yep. Last year I did turn down 2 things and that was : a science trip and an athletics competition so this year I will minimise that not so great number of 2 (great being big). 

#4. Eat healthily 
I am actually quite the healthy eater you know, but at school, you know, it just gets thrown out the window for the 8 hours I am there. Especially in the school canteen, where the food is claimed to be healthy but the grease on that stuff is ridiculous.

#5. Laugh every day
With my amazing friends, I probably will you know. 

#6. Take notes
This year we are doing our science GSCEs (i don't even know why) and stuff is getting serious. And you know what will hopefully answer my equation? (SORRY FOR THE CHEESE) notes. BOOM. 

#7. Smile at the beginning of every class
We all get those classes where you despise every body in the class, the teacher seems to talk as if they would rather be somewhere else and that hour turns into, what feels like, a whole new century. If I smile at the begining, who knows, maybe my charm will spread or it is just a way to convince myself that it will be over soon. 

#8. Keep your school bag in a cleanly state
Does anybody else just get home and throw their stuff out of the way. Like "I'll totally sort that out later." NO just no. That means that my bag is always left with half eaten sandwiches, damp umbrellas and whatever I come across that day. Especially on the Monday when I come back to find my warm leaky waterbottle. I just need to sort that out. 

#9. Minimise the amount of broken or lost supplies
Basically, I don't want it to get to the end of the year and I have to use those little ikea pencils and cheapy freebie pens which don't work because everything in my pencil case have either been stolen by someone I couldn't say no to or emptied into oblivion. 

Do I even need to explain this? No. 

Have a great day! Or, if you've started school already, good luck! How's it going? What are your resolutions?

Yep I left you guys with questions, better answer them (or not) and I'll try and reply depending on what you leave me with if you get what I mean! 



  1. Sound like a great selection of objectives :D good luck with everything :)

  2. mine is to study and to do divide my time up more! x

  3. I need to make sure you smile at the start of every class cus I bet you don't!


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