Thursday, 7 August 2014

DIY Washi Tape Pencil | Back To School | DaliRae

To start off my "back to school" series (although I am thinking of changing the series name, Yes that is probably allowed) , I am going to do a DIY. Mainly because I actually haven't done a DIY in a while. oops. aha sorry. Aanyway, well that was every so slightly virtually awkward in a weird way (for me anyway). But enough of whatever I was going on about, LET'S DO THIS TING --->

Okay so the DIY is simple. You only need a pencil (mine is by the classic staedtler because I am classy (I guess that makes sense and double brackets woah!)) and you also need washi tape! It seems like I have a lot of washi tape however the mini ones don't exactly do their job very well. I should really pay them more. No. That's weird Dali. Stop. Yep because they were from china and were, let's say, different to what I expected. So you just wrap the washi tape around the pencil and VOILA. As I was doing it, I realized that maybe washi tape was slightly transparent. Ahaha um no. So you can see my pencils underneath however I'm personally not that bothered. If you are, go over it twice.

my words of encouragement tho
I made three! 

And yes I do realize they are slightly (more than slightly) messy because sometimes I rush stuff, I won't lie. 

Just a simple DIY to kick off my back to school series!

Hope to see you whenever idk what ever floats your non-existent boat (omg I'm going to use that as my catch phrase now) BYE GUIISEE x

P.S haha I did a spell check and the whole post lit up yellow because apparantly washi, idk, omg and guise aren't words. :\

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  1. Whoa those pencils are really pretty! Nice :D

    I've nominated you for the TMI award by the way, just go this link here: to get it! Thanks! :D


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