Thursday, 14 August 2014

3 DIY Labels | Back To School | DaliRae


So organisation is a key skill which you need to master to deal with the terror of school.

To help with this, I am going to show you some 3 DIY folder labels. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO ---->

For the first one, you need these self-adhesive labels which you can get from any sorta store.

So with these you can just use felt tips to draw on them and decorate them!

none of the ones that I did turned out right so sorry for no example...
For the next one, you need an A4 sheet of sticker paper.
Although I've never actually seen these in stores, you can get them online for cheapish. 
Well, it's simple really, you make a design on the laptop and print it out. BOOM! A much more professional sticker/label. An extra plus is that you can make it any size or shape you want (smaller then A4 obviously). So you could do heart labels or circle labels, or even live like a hipster and try triangles. ha ha no. Well I would do triangles actually. 

I have no examples of school labels however I use this to make my stickers for my shop!

As you can tell, this was an a4 sheet of mini stickers! 

Juts cut around it and peel it off!
One of my stickers!

For the next label variation (if that makes sense), all you need is masking tape... and other craft supplies.

We should all know that you can draw on masking tape... and it has a sticky back... So draw on the tape, rip or cut it off (depending on your laziness status), and label those folders, label those notepads, label yourself. Eh just have fun.

Okay so I just wanted to explain that I originally planned for this post to go up on Tuesday but I was going to Alton Towers that day and didn't have enough time so it was a bit messed up but I have a post scheduled for tomorrow and yeah! 


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