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Back To School Wishlist | DaliRae

Unfortunately for us British kids, school uniform is a very common thing for there to be in a lot of schools. That means, when I say "back to school wishlist or haul", clothes will never be mentioned. Now that I've mentioned that, we can get started! Oh and I literally spent around an hour trying to think of some of these and I am actually quite happy with the end result so yeah! ---> 

When I was back at school, everywhere I turned I saw a Hype bag and I don't know why but I just hate having the same things as other people. It always had to be at least slightly different. Completely dis-regarding my last two sentences, I must admit, I do like this Hype bag. The good thing about it, is that I've never seen anyone with this specific pattern (nobody wants a psychedelic mess of animals on their back). Hehe I do. Also, as a brand, I would expect it to break the bank but it is only £24.99 which is around the my average budget for a school bag!

Oh my god. Toilets. Ugh. Chewing Gum. Ugh. School. Ugh. Germs are everywhere. Literally. You know, there are 20 billion bacteria in your mouth. What a thought. Anyway. That was completely off topic. Hand sanitiser is just something you need for school and I have been in love with the scent of grapefruit since around last year. IT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY WHEN I SMELL IT.

All my childhood was, was testing every single Muji pen in the little bits of paper underneath and drawing hearts and the word "hello" over and over again. Is that the same for anyone else? Although I would probably have zero use for these coloured pens in my school work, they are cute and such a throwback for me, okay?

I sorta shattered my own dreams on this one because the notebooks aren't actually plain and instead are fashion notebooks with women's figures in. Oh well. If they were plain notebooks then they would be SNA-ZZY.

I found this on wanelo and fell in love! It is from a Korean online shop (link here) and everything is adorable. I just love the quote on it and how it is pastel! Also it is clear so you can easily see what you are putting in and out. If I am honest though, I personally prefer a5 wallets as they are more compact and it really doesn't use up much effort folding a sheet of paper to fit it in.

I just think this would be cute for checking up on my face. The design is adorable although it is a little pricey!

I think I've mentioned this before but... Although I don't take notes not, I want to start doing that so this simple notebook from Paperchase (Oh my god I love Paperchase) will enable me to get good grades (bit of alliteration going on there). I probably would end up decorating it though because... well, you know me.

Throughout my entire academic life, I have never wore a watch to school for three consecutive days. Those three days are probably it, if I'm honest. The thing is, when I'm at home and "out of school", I can use my phone or any other electrical device which takes its place in my bag. On the other hand, at school, it will get confiscated. Obviously unless you don't get caught but the idea of my phone possibly sitting in my teacher's back pocket haunts me. Plus this is adorable. Minus (does that make sense?), this is FRICKIN EXPENSIVE!

This particular pencil case has been sitting in my bookmarks bar for around a few weeks. I just love it. Can I tell you a slightly uninteresting yet topical story? Well for three years in a row, the only home for my pens were Paperchase pencil cases. So I've made a promise to myself so take a break for this year and I fell in love with this one from Urban Outfitters.

Who wants boring pens? These patterned pens are really cute!

You always need a waterbottle for school. I generally just re use old Evian bottles or any other water brand but people say the plastic is really bad so I really want a proper waterbottle which doesn't smell. Egh. Who else has a problem with smelly water bottles? This one is just amazing! I love fruit infused water and ahh. It's quite expensive though. Hmm. Oh well. A girl can dream.

I just realized that this could be my "Back To School Essentials". Eh.

So I hope you liked this post! You can find more of my Back To School wishlist on my Wanelo page here!

Okay I've got some bad news to break. This is the end of my dailyish streak. I am now going away for 10 days and haven't got any scheduled posts!! I might do some posts on my phone so if you see my name popping up on bloglovin or your reading list, expect a curvy font and a mobile banner. 


P.S What is on your back to school wishlist? What's your favourite thing on mine? 

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  1. I love all of these! Especially six, nine and ten. :)


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