Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Currently On My Mind #1 | DaliRae

EXAGGERATED WARNING: I am not currently, currently, doing this at this very exact moment you are reading this as I had to post  this when wifi signal was in reach. 

Currently //
I am sitting in a car on my way to Frome. If you don't know what Frome is, it is a city in the South of England. That's about all I can say if I'm honest. Recently we've been going on quite a few long journeys as the countryside is far from any remote destination. Oh yes I forgot to say where I am in my last post. Well if your detective skills are up to scratch, you'll know I'm in the south of England for a week, Somerset to be exact. 

I am actually quite annoyed right now as the reason for me grasping for my phone to write this very post has somewhat flew out of my mind. It was a thought, a question. Bleh. 

Well this section would be filled with my forgotten ponderings (don't think that's a word) however as you just read, I have simple forgotten them. So, I'll think of something else. 

Has anyone been watching all the "ice bucket challenges"? Hehe I love them. Seeing celebrities drenched all for a good cause. If you don't know what it is, someone donates ten dollars/pounds for pouring a bucket of ice water on themselves. They then challenge three other people to do it within 24 hours. If they chicken out, they have to donate one hundred dollars/pounds all to charity. You can find so many of these on Instagram and youtube. I'm telling you now, once you've started, it's difficult to stop.  

My personal favourite thing is seeing celebrities nominate other people, as that feeling you get when two of your favourite people know each other or are just friends is just something I love. The connections are real. To be honest, that's probably the only thing I really like, all the reactions to the icy, dangerously refreshing water were the same. Screams, shaking, some would just simple stand there and just say "that was cold" well noo. 

The reason I came across these in the first place was due to my "stonefield" shipping as Taylor swift nominated one half of the couple. Now, if you don't know the couple known as stonefield, you don't know what shipping is. Andrew Garfield + Emma Stone = Perfection. The amount of times I've internally died due to the cuteness I can't even. 

Okay so we just arrived in Frome so I shall have to take a short break off his post but I will come back where I may be in a completely different mindset or even have remembered my original thoughts!

So I'm back even thought it makes absolutely zero difference to you. If you're interested, we only walked around the farmers market and auctions with livestock and that stuff. 

Where was I? I know exactly. 

STONEFIELD! So I watched the amazing spider man several days ago and I just loved Andrew Garfield so I did it a little research, haha research (typing his name in google images). Through that I found that he was in a relationship with Emma stone, who plays Gwen Stacey, his girlfriend in Spider-Man. I kicked myself when I found out they'd been together since 2011. Why didn't I find them earlier?  There is nothing that I love more than couples who are also play fictional couples too. Example, ian somerhalder and nina dobrev. Nian I believe. So they are just cute. Like really cute. 

Let me bombard you with gifs and pictures ---->

Some things never change:

The way andrew looks at Emma 

They are the same people:

Well that's it for now. This was just a little talky post which I actually enjoyed writing more than usual. I genuinely have a tonne of posts in my drafts which I've written but just need pictures taken and banners making. Ugh can time just come to me idk. 

Byee see you whenever 

Dali xx


  1. I love them together! They're such a cute couple xx

  2. Haha. Omigosh I love your blog. Frome sounds cool you lucky girl in England. And yess the ALS ice bucket challenge. Isn't it so cool that Taylor Swift and Emma Stone are friends? Like, those two are such awesome celebs AND THEY KNOW EACH OTHER!!! And yes. Yes Stonefield is a very cute couple ;)


    1. ahh thankyou! hehe, something tells me you don't live in England? Whereabouts are you? and ikr celeb friendships are the best! I am generally not a Taylor Swift fan but Shake it off is just constantly in my head! ahh. x


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