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Boored In Suumerrr! | DailRae

Sorry for no post yesterday I was at Alton Towers! We went on the smiler twice and when I came back I still felt dizzy. :| BUT IT WAS AMAZING...

Unless you are a social queen, I highly doubt you will have your calender booked... completely. And unless you have a loooong to-do list (I do actually), you will probably be bored. Hmm. Well, today I am going to tell you some ideas on things you can do when you are bored!

Let us goo --->

(I only just realized that if you are reading this, you probably already have a blog but I'll leave it in anyway!) 
Although it may be quite a big thing, starting a blog is something to do to really cure your boredom. I, personally, started in the Easter Holidays and it definitely booked up those weeks. Also, it gives you a chance to do some photography, maybe a DIY, try new products, go new places, meet new people and maybe it might turn into something more than a hobby.

The last thing you want to do is crawl into a hole of food, tumblr, netflix, food, twitter, food, youtube and more food. No matter how much it may hurt, you need to get off your butt and get moving. If it's a sunny day, take a walk around the block (or your garden if you are that anti-social). Play some music and do a workout in your house, try yoga. Infact, when I decided to have PLL marathons for the whole day, I used to put my laptop on the floor and do some yoga (Okay I only did that once but still). I must admit, I go on the laptop a looot more than I should so I literally just decided that every half an hour, I am going to get up, stretch and come back. Just a second I'll do it right now...
Okay I'm back.

Why don't you try a DIY? Even if you aren't the most creative, there is always something you can try. There are tonnes of tutorials out on the web so do some research. Or if not here are a few DIYs which I've done!
DIY Collar Chain
DIY Sassy Phone Case
and more here!

I just want to clarify that if you make a video, you don't have to put it on youtube. I mean, if you want to start a youtube then great, do it, what's stopping you? But if you are alone or don't mind people watching you, make a video just for personal use. You never know, you might look back at it when you are older and cringe... a lot. Or you might just be un-naturally cool and yeah. You could do a:

  • Music video (video star)
  • What's in my bag
  • Skit
  • Cooking Video
  • Vlog

Although you might not want to be "America's Next Top Model" (Or UK's because I'm British :|), it is still really fun just taking photos. This doesn't necessarily have to be of yourself. You could be creative and try editing or do panoramas and action shots. Just have fun and mess around.

By "throwback", I mean try something which you haven't done since you were a kid. For example: a playground game (but by yourself, that may be difficult), a game on the laptop, sing old songs, read an old book, whatever makes you think "ahh I remember that!" I, personally, like to play games on the internet suchas: Papa's Pizzeria, the impossible quiz, girlsgogames and even stardoll. Well, I still technically count as a kid. Also, you could just look through old photos and videos and laugh at yourself.

You know what? Garden games are fun. The only thing which stops me from messing around in my garden 24/7 is the idea that my neighbours may be a stalkers/ serial killers. Meh. If you have a trampoline, go on that. Ours got replaced with a "workshop" (just a shed). You could put out a blanket and do cartwheels or "cartwheels". Let loose in the comfort of your own back yard. 

#9. DRAW
Go dig out those crayons and pens and draw. Whether that is:
a portrait, fan art, lyrics or just load of scribbles, let out the inner artist in you.

Whether this is: a new film, food or genre of music, give it a go. If you are generally into horror movies, watch a comedy! If you have never explored your taste buds, eat an exotic fruit, or try a recipe. The possibilities are endless but think, what is the opposite of this? 

Chat to friends, ring them, text them, skype. If they aren't available, make some friends. Talk to people on twitter, instagram, maybe even go on omegle (safely though). The best thing about talking to strangers is that there is a huge chance that you will never even meet them, so be as strange as you want. If you aren't feeling the whole "unknown" vibe, then maybe chat to an acquaintance, you know, the person who you have said hi to once. 

Pump up the stereo and dance like no one is watching. If you have any of the just dance games, play them, so you aren't aimlessly moving your body parts like you're shaking a fly off. Make a dance routine! That's an idea. Plus, it's a fun way of exercising (Unless you want to include press ups in your routine then bye).

Noooo offence given but organise your life. Write lists of your goals, dreams and aspirations. Tidy your room, sort out your mess, clear up any mis-understandings. This is your chance to do the things which you have been putting off for ages. You could plan what you want to do for the rest of your summer so you aren't bored.

Think... when was the last time you laughed? Can you recreate that moment? Could you watch a video again where you just lost yourself? Mine is Louise and Dan's List of Awkward Moments. Classic.

Although this is similar to the "Try Something New" one, this is more to do with a skill, which may take up the whole holidays. You could try skateboarding, juggling, editing, a musical instrument, whatever you've always thought, ehh.

Yet again, "trying something new", maybe try a different hairstyle or re-decorate your room, move things around. 

Nothing is better than a good old movie marathon. Woohooo. My favourite films are: Divergent, Scott Pilgrim vs The World and The fault in our stars. What are yours?

So, for my last one, PLAN TOMORROW! If you aren't doing anything, arrange something! 

It's all up to you now...

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