Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Life Through The Lense | DaliRae

As you probably know if you've been reading my recent blog posts, I was a away for the week. Right down to the South of England where I am formally known as Dally. 

So basically, I went down to Somerset and stayed on a farm. Hehe yeah. I come here every year (sometimes twice) but this time I had a blog... and an iPhone. Those two mashed together plus a sprinkle of my time equaled this post you are reading right now...

Cooney Cooney Pig - ahh it was adorable!

The balcony 
Duffy the donkey - my bae
On the park and ride to Bath
Raspberry and white chocolate costa! A little sicky but yum.
Cows and their calves.
They just wanna sing, you know!

Just call me a hipster, okay?

Longleat Safari Park
Fun fact about camels- Some of their humps were droopy/ leaning to one side because they only fill their humps with fluid when the supplies are low (in the desert) but in captivity, they are well kept so don't feel the need to carry round their dinner!


Playful lions - awwh.

Anne the elephant who got rescued from an abusive circus.


Made a friend. Ahh the smile on the birrrdyyy kills me.
PARROTS! They did a parrot show where they had rollerskates and rode cars - it was frippin cute.

I love looking out the window to see fields and not polluted roads.

Masses of ducks came over to us at Chew Valley Lake because we gave them seed and not boring old bread. But seriously, it was more like we were chucking out magnets.

Mango and Passion fruit smoothie in Glastonbury.

Thought of tumblr when I took this and now I'm just like naa.

FOOD. yup.

The weird red half rainbow which stole my heart.
A little cafe in Frome which has the CUTEST table covers!
A more "artistic" version of the picture above.

Lucy stretching out.

Chose this over a Starbucks Frap, proud?

Clifton Suspension Bridge. We were reading that someone has applied for a zipwire to be built underneath it!
This beach in Wales felt bleak.

 Some dogs just spectating...

 Came across some horses in the fields. Even the animals were friendly down South.

The small town, Wells.


The 6am sunrise on the car journey home.

But we can't leave without seeing the donkey atleast one more time... 

P.S Just to clear any confusions, the reason why there were so many different dogs were that Pauline (who owns the farm) dog sits. She only properly owns Lucy (the spaniel). 


  1. I have a massive phobia of cows, so some of these photos were less than pleasing haha but other than that looks lovely. Just to let you know I completed the Liebster award that you nominated me for (quite a while ago, sorry haha) If you wanted to check it out :) much love xx


    1. Hehe sorry about the cows! I just thought of a really bad joke but I'm not gonna say it! Ooh yay! I'll read it now! Thanks xx

  2. this seriously looks like so much fun!!! p.s. cute sunglasses :)

  3. Haha my favorite pictures are the bird ones. Looks like you had a great time!



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