Tuesday, 2 September 2014

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Today I had to break it to myself that summer was coming to an end.That meant no more late nights, lie ins, glowing skin, beachy waves and the start of, what beauty gurus might call it, "Back To School!!" with a totally unnecessary high pitched voice and cheesy grin. Completely disregarding what I just said, I do enjoy new starts, getting to see your friends again and stationary shopping *grin*. So that's why I did a back to school series (Okay maybe I wrote the intro quite a while ago like 6 weeks ago). 

But back onto what you are reading this very moment. Over the season of summer (mostly the six week holidays) , I accumulated quite a few bits and bobs, mostly on sale, and I wanted to show them to you guys! This is basically just a "summer haul" however I feel the term " haul" is slightly too americanised despite my Hong Kong haul and Summer bucket list ; I've changed my ways. Well let's get into the haul. No. Just scroll. 

This is in chronological order so the first thing I bought was from way back in June however it was still (hopefully) the summer season. So that was this pair of sunglasses... Round Sunglasses. I'd been wanting these for ages and I think I made sure that everyone knew that. Queue post mentioning: Fashion wishlist, Summer Essentials, Three summer outfits. Anyway, these are actually wonky now because I believe someone sat on them ( probably me) but I still love them. These were from New Look for £5. I actually got really annoyed because the the Urban Outfitter sunnies I was originally going to get went down to £5 from £16. Tear...

This next thing is a lovely summery phone case from Accessorize on sale from £10 to £3 so me and Helena both got one each and it is really protective since the front comes off and yeah. HERE COMES THE SUN LALALALA.

As I'd raved on about Zara enough in my Zara wishlist, I had to have bought something from there on one of my shopping trips, right? Aha yes. This yellow jumper caught my eye. Can I just quickly name the best things about it so we can move on? Well it was: cropped, thin for summer, had line details on the shoulders, covered my arms and was yellow. Unfortunately, it had a stain on it and they wouldn't give us a discount because it's "not their policy" but I bought it anyway because it was £5.99 on sale from £20. 

Another thing from Zara was this black pleated skirt. It is just a stretchy jersey material and I was actually going to get a normal black skirt from forever 21 but Zara was better quality and it was actually cheaper at £3.99. I also think that I'll get used to the slight flared part of the skirt since at first I was a bit like um eh. 

So my next item was kind of a cheat not really, I guess. It is a yellow (yes yellow) dress with a crotchet bit at the top. Being one of the few items not on sale, it was £5 from, you guessed it (you probably didn't actually) , Primark but that's not all. It was a primark in selfridges okay? So I got the yellow bag. Notice how I had to put yellow in. ha! Unfortunately by the time I got to taking the pictures, the perfect paper bag was no where to be seen so no proof...

The next thing was this pastel blue shoulder bag from New Look for £12.99. I just went in to the shop for a quick look and fell in love. I'm not even kidding, it was my very first impulse purchase I can remember. Before you say something about the price even though you probably didn't care, it was with a gift card... 

Also from New Look, I just got a simple white bandeau which I just wore under muscle tees and actually the yellow dress from Primark because it is quite low on the sides. It was only £2.99.

From, for the third time in a row, New Look. I can promise to you that I generally don't get much stuff from new look, it's genuinely not my favourite store but believe me if you want... So I got this beautiful pink, floral kimono obviously on sale, from £19.99 to £14. I actually had my eye on it way back until June. Throughout July my kimono needs slowly died out however my love for the summer pieces instantly set on fire when I noticed it was on sale. 

Yet again, not from New Look *gasp of relief* (no offense extremely popular clothes store where the owners doesn't read petty blogs by 13 year olds but it was getting a little repetitive, don't you think?) Anyhoo, it was from Primark! It? What, you say/think? Well, it was a yellow floral skort, unnecessarily but pleasantly on sale from £8 to £3. Surprise, Surprise. So, at this very point in time, I am struggling on how to style it but I'm sure something will hit me hopefully not a brick and I will magic up an affordable (obviously) outfit I love to bits. 

If this "haul" is getting a little repetitive, just say but the next thing I got was this pair of sunglasses, round sunglasses, again... BUT with a twist. They weren't from New Look, but accessorize (again) however they do have a lovely pop of red and slight wayfarer edge. These were £4.20 on sale from £14. APPLAUSE. 

One of the items slightly more out of my comfort zone which I purchased was this super bright tie dye t-shirt from a stall in Glastonbury. Yes we went to Glastonbury but, fun fact, the festival , Glastonbury, isn't actually located in Glastonbury (I'm getting annoyed with the word "Glastonbury" now) but in Pilton, Somerset. But anyway the stall was run by Sunshine Clothing. I got it for £9 because we haggled... by £1 but we still haggled. Although I am generally up for in your face bright clothes, this one I was unsure at first but I wore it out so I'm totally up for it now.

Next up is my personal favourite (yellow jumper just sliding behind) and the reason is because it is a style not yet reserved in my wardrobe... Vintage. A one of a kind, floral, cropped tie shirt with hints of yellow for only £8. That is my kind of thing. Like seriously I freaked when I saw it. The shop in hand was Cow, one of my new favourite stores.
In LOVE with the colours!

So that was everything I acquired over the beautiful season. I actually have a "Summer Rewind" post coming up soon where I will just catch up on my summer and tell you a little bit about it but I guess this is goodbye for now... 

just a quicky insider of my photos ha...


  1. I'm not ready for Summer to end! Great purchases x

    1. No Same! Soon we'll be having to dress up in 10 layers just to walk outside! x

  2. whoa your pics are awesome *o*

    1. Thankyou! Ahh that means loads! x


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