Saturday, 28 June 2014

☀ Keeping Your Cool In Summer ☀

Late nights, early rises, picnics, days out, beachy waves, glowing skin, Summer's here. But as much as I go on about summer being "perfection" there is one bad thing. The immense heat can be unbearable, leaving you utterly exhausted and tired (although it hasn't hit England yet!) Now I don't want anything to ruin this summer, for anyone. That's why i am writing this for you today. Oh whatever will you do without me. 

1. Wear the right clothes
After putting so much time (and money) into choosing a perfect outfit, the last thing we want is to constantly look like you've just stepped out of an oven. To avoid that, wear clothes which are: Flowy and loose, Light colours and Cotton or linen. Polyester is a definite no no.  This works the same way for bed sheets and covers. 

2. Stay Hydrated
Now we all know that keeping hydrated is the key to everything: clear skin, losing weight, being happy, recovering when ill,  cooling you down and it is also vital for the hot season. If you get bored of plain water, you can try fruit ice cubes, infused waters or even just put it in a trendy tumbler. 

3. Try Thermal Water
Just in case you were wondering, thermal water is basically extremely pure sterile mineral water in a spray bottle. It has many uses, cooling you down being one. It is amazing at refreshing your skin after an exhausting day. There are many different brands however my personal favourite is avene. I will do a full review of it soon. An alternative could be aloe Vera spray but you would use that more for sun burn. 

4.Change your eating habits 
By eating lighter meals, your body produces less heat digesting, therefore keeping you cooler. Also, spicy foods are meant to help. Haha you are funny. No I'm being serious. Scientists suggest that chilly makes you sweat without raising your body temperature and when your skin is damp, you should feel less hot. 

5.Try these tricks
Instead of freezing your whole bottle, fill it up just under half of the way up with water and put it on it's side in the freezer. When it is frozen, you can fill it up normally through the hole in the bottle. The ice on the side will keep it cool and there will be a hole for you to actually drink the water without waiting for the whole bottle to melt. Is it just me that used to do that? 
Also, when you just want to cool down, try putting ice packs or running cold water on to your pulse points. These include: your wrists, feet, elbows, neck ankles and behind the knees. 

I hope you actually found this useful so I didn't sound like a complete idiot in the introduction. Now go and enjoy summer like never before.


  1. Nice "life hacks" for summer! I have been drinking lots of water because of this cute tumbler i got hehe. :D

    Cathy - hello, Cathy

    1. Thanks! It means a lot for people to comment! Just wondering, what did the tumbler look like? Sorry, I'm just interested in cute things and have been needing a tumbler in my life (keep on wanting to type in tumblr!) The Victoria's Secret ones are nice but we don't have one in the UK :( Btw, I checked out your blog and really like it! Dali x

    2. Its fine! haha. Its like this plastic mason jar type bottle with a handle and comes with a lid and straw! Here is the link to the one I have:

    3. OMG that is too cute! Ahh I really want one now! x

  2. great ideas x

    1. Thanks! ( and thanks also for always commenting and being a great reader!) I need to get into the habit of commenting more! x

  3. Thanks for these tips! I totally got sun burnt from outside yesterday so these tips are great!

    Would love if you check out my blog
    Raincouver Beauty

    1. Hi! Thanks! And yeah sure. I love finding other people blogs! x


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