Thursday, 5 June 2014

Being Confident

Probably the worst thing about me, is my lack of confidence and lack of thick skin. By thick skin, I mean not letting what other people think get to you. When it comes to that, I am the worst. If you really think about it, none of us just don't care. Otherwise we would probably go to the shops naked because we wouldn't care, but a lot of people, including me, always think of "they will think I'm weird." When we should be thinking "I'm gonna do my thang." 

When it comes to confidence, I am when I'm acting in a part which I play comfortable in and maybe asking someone in public something. Other than those two things, I will always be the person to just take what I get and back away and I shouldn't. I mean, I am young but I think about my future a lot and just picture this... You just applied for a job which you really want and really need. They turn you down on the spot and say they've got enough staff. After this, there will be 2 types of people. The first one is the one that accepts this and just walk away. The second one is the person who stands up and explains why they need/want this job. They keep on nagging and convincing until they get the job. Although you may not always come across as the most likeable person, it will get you far in life. That is my theory anyway. 

So I really want to change these things early because I am the one that also thinks ahead. That's why I wrote these tips on loving yourself, just not caring and standing up for yourself. Also, if you are quite good at multi-tasking, you may want to listen to this song in the background. 

1.First you need to get in the right state of mind. 
I don't mean literally move house to the right state... Yeah trying too hard. Basically you need to wipe all those bad thoughts and questions. But not the memories. The memories is what makes you, you and it will enable you to learn from your mistakes (plus that's probably impossible.) You want the first thing to come into your mind when you, let's say, try on an outfit to be : "Do I like this?" not : "Will they like it?" Now this isn't just going to happen. You can't just make yourself think like that with a click of a finger. It will take time. At first, you want to force yourself to think that and maybe it should come to you naturally. Before you say anything, No I am not a psychologist, I just think they might help you because thy helped me. 

2. Accept everything positive 
Have you ever got a compliment and just said "No I'm not." That is what you should never do. Why would you brush off a compliment? It shows that you don't feel good about yourself and that is what you have to do before anything else. Even if you do manage to go out and not care. It won't really matter if you don't feel good about yourself. 

3. Remember this...
Unless you live in an extremely small village, the change of meeting that person you see in public again is very small. Even if you do, they aren't going to just remember that about you and they shouldn't judge you on that little thing. If they do, then they don't deserve to even talk to you. So go out and dance, sing, shout your message. If anything it will show you are confident, which is what a lot of people like and notice. And when it comes to clothing, I have gone out wearing really bad outfits numerous times and nobody has said one thing to me. 

4. Understand that it happens to all of us
You know that person who looks perfect. The person who gets all the attention. They spend a lot of time getting ready and acting in this certain way because they also care what people think. Do you think that person would still go out without doing anything to themselves? Do you think that person would still act fine if they did something hugely embarrassing? Just think about it.

5. Take Baby Steps

Going all out will just make you extremely self-conscious therefore start small. 

6. Smile

People can't judge you when you are smiling, when you are enjoying yourself and remember if they do, they are just jealous of your enjoyment. 

I hope that together we can grow into a confident but still likeable people. I am now going to finish this off with an inspirational quote.


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  1. Excellent tips! I probably struggle most with the compliment thing.. There is a quote which says, 'you are not as good as other people tell you and are not as bad as others tell you' so I tend to be wary of compliments. But maybe the quote is referring to flattery. I think the reason why we don't accept compliments is because we want to appear humble, but instead we just look not confident. I believe we can be confident and humble :)

    Great blog, by the way! I've been following you for a short while. I blog over at , which is like my personal blog. Come visit if you want! :D

    1. Thanks and I totally agree with you. Modesty is a good trait I guess.

      Oh and I visited your blog and really like it! x


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