Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Three Summer Outfits

It is Summer fairly soon (and  PLL tommorow for the UK. Two big events!) Wooohooooo! Go life. Possible one of the best things about summer is the variety in clothing. No longer do you have to gather a mass amount of layers to keep you snuggly and warm. Those days are over... until next winter but let's live in the present. Summer is a month of crop tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, bright colours. The time of the year to really go all out with your style. In celebration summer arriving in under 3 weeks, I am going to show you three outfits I made on Polyvore.

The first one is the one which I am most likely to wear. I love the colour and style of that top! Flowy for Summer. Perfect. Flower crowns are my all in Summer and that bag though. To my disappointment, it actually cost £160. #cryingnotcrying. The only thing which wouldn't be my first summer go- to is the black converse since my feet will not be pleased with the confined space and will consequently let out fumes of bleagh. 

My next outfit is a little more adventurous and something that I personally quite like but could never pull off. I don't really wear bralets or many tight crop tops really and it would look almost out of place on my body. However, I adore the skirt. At the moment, I am really loving scalloped edges. I just think that they are interesting and unique- something different than the average straight line. I added the watch because it adds a bit of class to an otherwise slightly edgy outfit.  I am also loving those shoes. I love the ugly sandal trend, probably just because I own birkenstocks but these are pretty niiice. Finally the bow. The colour goes with the sort of pastel theme from the skirt and is just girly. So yeah an outfit with edge, class and prep.

The last outfit would probably have to be my favourite although I doubt I would be able to get anywhere in those heels. The cropped polo is something that I've witnessed in any shop (sounds like I am writing a statement for a murder). I would say the top is a unique twist on the white blouse trend, that's probably why it costs £120 though. Moving on to the shorts; throughout my whole childhood, The Simpsons has been the best program. I don't think I will ever get bored of a good ol' episode. The fact that you can now wear The Simpsons merchandise, makes me cry with happiness. If you think about it, this outfit is a bit childish: The top you'd wear to school and shorts with a cartoon character on. That may be why I adore it so much! I think after this bit the child fantasy stops as I even out the outfit with more sophisticated items. The sunglasses are perfection however I'm sure I've raved on about round sunglasses enough on my blog so I won't go on! That bag is simple and gorgeous and those shoes are yellow. Hahah. I love yellow.

If you would like to see what the items I showed were, click on the pictures to open Polyvore where you can see where they are from and their price.


  1. really like the first one x

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