Saturday, 7 June 2014

DIY Sassy Heart Phone Case

The original case
I don't think I can live without phone cases. Yep. Just putting that out there. Not only do they protect your phone from smashes and scratches, but it is just a little outfit for your phone. This sounds like I treat my phone like a doll. I don't mother it and ride it in a little pram. I am going completely off topic. Anyway, when I first got my phone, I was looking for cheap iphone cases from China since I'd always want a large collection. I was amazed when I found out you Ebay could show results starting from the lowest price. That is when I found these cases. Although the designs weren't amazing, it was cheap so I bought it. Now I realize I don't really like it so I decided to re-vamp it up a bit so here is how to make a slightly brand new phone case! Let's Go! --------->

The first bit was optional but I painted over the design because at the time, the original design wasn't going to cover all of it..(If you were wondering, I started making this ages ago but lost the case in the drying process. I clearly found it again so I changed my mind on the picture) Obviously, it will depend on what case you get, whether you need to paint over it or not but if you do, cover the edges in masking tape and use a sponge.

Now onto the actual case!

This is yet another simple DIY. All you really need to do is paint on a layer of glue with the brush. You can use any brush really but foam ones are definitely easiest. Stick the image onto the case and then paint over another layer of glue. My "Too Sassy For You " picture is from here.

So, that is your case done! It shouldn't take too long to dry so you can let everyone know how sassy you are in no time!

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  1. Great DIY!! It's so simple. I'll definitely have to give it a go. Thanks for sharing! :)


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