Wednesday, 18 June 2014

~My Summer Bucket List ~

Summer. The Perfect Season. Also, as a student, a time for the holidays. Mine haven't started yet so I still have to last for a little longer. This summer, I want to write a bucket list and tick them off as I go along throughout summer. My original plan was to do a bucket list for my whole life but I doubt I will still have my blog when I skydive. I'm thinking, I am going to write a sum up of my summer and how successful I was at achieving my bucket list near the beginning of September so look out for that!

This post was actually inspired by Amy's little world's summer bucket list which was originally inspired by pointless blogs bucket list so it's a chain reaction I guess. 

~ Have a whole week without eating anything remotely unhealthy
~ Try a completely new hairstyle
~ Sell something from my shop
~ Go somewhere I've never been before
~ Camp outside in the garden for one night
~ Revise something every week
~ Get better at Adobe Illustrator
~ Have a picnic 
~ Spend more time in the sun

~ Stay outside and watch the stars
~ Develop my own drawing style
~ Practice Piano atleast twice a week
~ Go "jogging" once a week (When we normally "jog" we actually end up sitting in the park but it's nice to get out)
~ Blog twice a week without scheduling
~ Help my family out more
~ Practice Chinese Every two days
~ Go on a bike ride
~ Wear something out of my comfort zone
~ Have a water fight
~ Go somewhere other than the park or town with friends
~ Take a picture everyday
~ Make a scrapbook
~ Find a favourite Film
~ Make fruit infused water
~ Fill a sketchpad

I do realize most of these can only be ticked off at the end of the holidays but you can still keep on checking up and see which ones I complete which can be crossed off!

How do you want to spend your summer? 

Helenaasia also did this post here!

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