Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer Essentials

Now that summer is just around the corner, I decided to write about the things that I just cannot live without in the wonderful season of summer! Bear in mind that I live in the UK and we are used to rain and puddles so summer is a big thing for us. I'm not even exaggerating. Anyway let's get started!---->

1. Sunglasses 
These are vital for sun protection and overall swagginess. However, Is it just me that always gets that urge to take them off because I'm paranoid I'll have a massive tan line around my eyes? I don't though. I think it's better than damaging my skin. At the moment I'm really loving round sunglasses. Just carry sunglasses around in your cute shoulder bag (which I'm going on to next) so you don't have to squint and look like you are constantly posing for a selfie... 

2. Cute Small Shoulder Bags
I told you I was talking about shoulder bags next. When it's summer, you go out more... Right? My point is, you need something to carry your things. I don't need a massive bag, cute small ones are enough. Accessorize do really nice ones however they are a little pricey.

3. Shorts
I mentioned this in my fashion wishlist but shorts are vital for all the people that just want to do cartwheels. You don't want to flash. Just no.
4. Flowy Cardigan 
I basically mean a kimono however some flowy cardigans aren't always kimonos! These, I normally take with me on holiday in really hot places for the night. They don't really keep you snuggly and warm however if you are chilly, you can wrap it up around you like a blanket. 

5. Cute Sandals/Flip Flops
Whenever I watch "summer lookbooks" people always wear trainers with socks on really hot days. I can't do that. It just has to be sandals or flip flops. I mean, Let your feet breathe. Inhale, exhale... Anywaaay, At the moment, flat sandals are in and I quite like them however they aren't always the most comfortable since they don't fit the shape of your foot.

6. Pyjama Shorts
One of the very few cons of summer is the extremeley unbearable heat at night. I don't know if this is just me, but I always have to have something covering me, whether it is boiling or not. I tend to fall asleep in the position of a chameleon on the wall. Is that just me? Anyway, to slightly over come that problem, pyjama shorts are a necessity. They are just so comfy and don't always have to be used for sleeping.

7. Thermal Water
I have the Avene Thermal Water and I love it. I might do a review on it at some point so wooooopies! Basically, thermal water is perfect for cooling you down when you a feel like you've just came back from a holiday on the sun. 

8. Water
Ooh look at me, incorporating a bit of health into this "fashion" post. You need water to live. You need water even more to cope with the amazing but slightly unbearable summer weather (if you are lucky enough to have that *sulk*). Tumblers are really cute to carry around water however they aren't so practical with putting in a bag, unless you want a spillage. 

So those were the items that enable me to HAVE THE SUMMER OF MY LIFE! No, okay?

Items In Picture:
Shoulder Bag
Pyjama Shorts
Thermal Water


  1. i love the bag! x

    1. yeah I love all the accessorise ones but I cannot afford any!


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