Thursday, 12 June 2014

Notebooks? No-te Problem!

Now that we have phones, you can easily use the notes app, use calenders as an organizer, contacts for an address book and reminders as a to-do list. That is a bummer for notebooks, which I happen to have tonnes of. My shelves are filled with empty pads. Actually, most of them have the first few pages filled with nonsense but I just pull the pages out. So if you have a notepad and don't know what to do with it for, here are 10 things you can use a notebook for! Let's Go ---->

1. Recipe Books
I thought I'd start off the list with a nice and simple one. If you are the baking type, you can write down any recipe you decided to bake. 

2. Nail Polish Swatch Book
I saw this idea on Cutepolish's channel in her video here. At the moment, I'm taking a long break of nail varnish therefore I wouldn't use it but it is just really cute and you can decorate the front and make it pretty. It would just be a really fun DIY project.

3. Cute Gift

If you want to give this as a gift, I probably wouldn't suggest just giving them a notepad. Instead, you could write in it yourself with all the memories you have together filled with pictures and things that remind you of them or you could write a list of ideas so they don't have the same problem that you might have. I personally think it would be nicer to receive a personalized one, maybe a friendship book.

4.Mood Board

By mood board, I mean a place for sticking in any pictures which you like. When you are stuck for ideas, you can just flick through the book and get inspired by pictures from magazines and all sorts. You could also have different sections with different colours. Be creative!

5. A Therapy Session

Got a lot of bottled up anger? Well write down everything that annoys you and let it all out in your little pad which no one will see. To verify that statement, you can disguise the book with an old book cover or get a locked one!

6. Your Own Wreck This Journal

The Wreck This Journal is a "so hipster" book by Keri Smith, which involves you personalizing it and just wrecking the journal. You can easily decorate the front and make your own by writing things to do from the actual wreck this journal or thinking of your own suchas: Cover the whole page, fill the page with triangles, Use one colour, Write one word over and over. More ideas here.

7. Happy List

This idea is basically a "book to flick through when I'm sad (or hormonal)". It is also a very satisfying feeling writing down everything which makes you happy. My list would consist of everything summer: sun, lollies, fruit, more sun. 

8. Another Life

Maybe this links to the last one since it also gives a pleasant feeling of joy.With this one, I was thinking writing down the dream life. Your job, Your looks, your house, your wedding, your pets, dreams. This probably isn't the best thing since it makes you want the things even more but I like to see it as, making you more determined to achieve these things. Also, you don't want to compare. Never write down who's life you would swap with because that is a completely different matter. 

9. Things To Remember

I actually write " Things to remember" on my phone however it would be a nice things to put in a notebook. I write down things suchas codes, songs, youtubers, life hacks, tips, facts, all sorts. If it was in a notebook, you can flick through it or have sections. 

10. Me, Myself and I 

This is an idea which I have had in my mind for quite a while. I was thinking to make a whole DIY post on it but it would only consist of me covering a notebook in parcel paper and decorating the front so I thought I'd talk about it now! Basically, I had this thought. I have tonnes of note books from years ago with me writing all my favourite things. When looking through them, I would end up crossing them out and writing my current favourites, that basically just destroyed my past. That is when I thought I could maybe write down everything about me and what I like and update it every year without crossing it out. So it is basically a memory journal. Just a thought!

So that was my list of things you can use a note book for! Obviously there are the normal things people write in them, like for diaries and stories but I wanted to try and think of things you don't normally write in it. Happy Blogging and hopefully writing in real life!


  1. This is really helpful--I have a lot of unused notebooks, so these ideas are perfect, especially since I like writing!

    Btw, I nominated you for the Sunflower Blogger Award here: If you don't do tags or things like that, I completely understand. :)

    1. Hi I'm glad you found it helpful and the post should be up soon however I always find it difficult thinking of questions and people to nominate! (Don't worry I won't nominate you again!) thankyou! x


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