Saturday, 5 July 2014

iPhone Case Collection ~ DaliRae

As I have mentioned before in my DIY sassy heart phone case post, I cannot get enough of phone cases so now I am going to do an iphone case collection. Wooo! Let's go! ---》

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This was my very first case! It is just a clear case with a blue bumper and it is the most protective case I own since it is made of TPU and not sillicone or plastic.
I bought it because it would come quick and also came with a screen protector, which I spent about a day prepping myself to put it on! Unfortunately, the lip on the case doesn't reach out too far so if you dropped it face down, it may not be the most protective (but I'm not going to test it!) I bought this from Ebay for around £2.99. 

Sorry this isn't on the white background. 
This was took ages ago and now it is different.
 My non existent OCD is killing me 

After I could class my phone as "safe to use", I wanted to buy lots of cheap cases from China. I found this case which was, in this tutorial, turned into a "too sassy for you" case. Not surpisingly at all, this cost 99p. And yes, I did sort the search results from lowest to highest. 

Around a day after buying that case, I spotted another 99p Case which I instantly fell in love with. You only regret the chances you didn't take. That quote though. 

Yet Again, I found myself searching Ebay once more only to come across this 99p case also. This one has to be my favourite because Pastel! After this, I took a little break off cases.

That "little break" lasted around a month until it was my birthday! You see, I asked for cases looong before my birthday was even in sight. Helena got me this one from New Look. The jewel in the top corner actually fell off when I was dancing at a wedding... I've been meaning to glue it back on but I've seemed to misplace it.
Still in the birthday zone, this next case was from Kinza. It didn't have the studs originally but I wanted to add an extra hipstorial dimention. I'm sorry that hipstorial isn't a word. Life sucks. 
This next case was from Ella! I love the whole design and just ahh. It goes with a lot of things, only problem being when I get my phone out suddenly the whole room turns their head on their side to try and read what it says! (Over-exaggerating slightly there.)
This one wasn't for my birthday! I actually talked about it in my Hong Kong Haul so I won't talk about it anymore!

The last case that I bought was this one. The design is so summery and tumblr. I am actually selling this case on my website here. Yeah. Exciting news! I've finally got my website sorted. 

Before I end this way too long collection, I just wanted to mention this: I try not to use the cases that I bought from China too often because my Mum told me that in China not everything is regulated so there might be chemicals in the cheap plastic ? Or something like that. I'm not really too sure and I can't find any articles on it but I just thought I'd mention it briefly for informational purposes only.



  1. I love your cases! Espically the kitty one. >v<

    Daisy l KlassicKitty

  2. Omg, you have so many cute cases!

  3. I love the 'too sassy for you' one! Need one of those in my life! x

    1. Haha Yeah! People can be annoying x

  4. you have so many! x

    1. Yeah well accessorizing your phone could be classed as being part of your outfit! x


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