Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Sunflower Award

Hello everybody! As you can probably tell from the name and banner of this post, I have been nominated for the sunflower award by Life as a Young Lady so thankyou very much! As I mentioned in my very inspiring blogger award, I did not expect many people to take the time to read my blog, let alone nominate me for awards. Since I have a tendency to go on, I am just going to do this thing yeah. 

The rules:
1. Write eleven random facts about yourself
2. Answer eleven questions from the person who nominated me
3. Nominate eleven bloggers and write eleven questions for them

My facts! 
• Recently, I have grown a strong hatrid towards to split ends. I used to not even know what one was but now I find them in times where I don't have scissors and I just cry you know? ( I don't really cry but you get what I mean)
• I am learning mandarin (你好)
• I am quarter German, half Chinese and half English.  
•I have a whole folder on my phone just with backgrounds. I have around 80 from tumblr. 
• A lot of the time I shout at inanimate objects because they annoy me a lot. 
• I play the piano and am doing my grade 5.
 I once entered a writing competition where I came second and got to go on TV and won lots of goodies! Unfortunately, if I'd won, I would've received £5000! #sadtimes
• I love summer a lot. The only problem is the hayfever and England's unpredictable weather.
Every single time I go to drink water after a while, it always goes down the wrong hole and I start choking. I also have a tendency of spilling it on me. I now only drink from straws. #waterscarredme
• I would say I am a healthy person but I do love my food!
• If I went through my whole wardrobe, I would say 90% of the clothes in there were from a sale.

My Questions!
What Is The Weirdest Thing You've Ever Done In Public?
Most of the weird things that I do in public, are with my girlies (ily) because we are weird. haha. However, I cannot think of anything for the moment. I may update it when it hits me.

Would You Rather watch a horror movie in the middle of the night with your celeb crush or go swimming in the middle of winter with your school crush?
The horror movie I guess because I don't get scared really, maybe a little but not really and whether it was a celeb crush or not, it's a celebrity so yeah. 

What modern saying ("or nah", "bae, etc) annoys you right now?
Not any really because I'm just too modern ay. Yeah I catch up with the trends (I actually don't).

Have you ever gotten into a heated argument with an adult (other than your parents/guardians?)
Nopedy Dopedy. I don't like causing arguments and I never really have any with my parents either.

What is the hardest school assignment you've had so far?
Sometimes English can be kinda hard but I don't get many interesting assignments since I''m still kinda young.

Do you miss the old Disney Channel?
I'm sorry to say this, but I never had the Disney Channel growing up. I was a nickelodeon kid instead.

Is this the first time you've been nominated for an award , or has this happened several times before?
I was nominated for the very inspiring blogger award, which I was grateful for. Thankkkoo.

Are you good at making friends?
I would say so. Don't wanna be bigheaded or anything.

What time of the day do you like the most (dawn, morning, dusk, etc.)?
Morning. Obviously once I've "freshened up". I'm a real early bird and hate night because I just get tired really early.

What does the fox say?
...... miow haha plot twist.

Do you want to build a snowman?
Unfortunately it hardly snows in England... okay bye

Now My Questions!

Would you class yourself as an organized person?

Favourite Quote?

Do you play any instruments? If not, what would you like to play?

What is your favourite hashtag (eg: #sorrynotsorry, #throwbackthursday, etc)?

Your favourite pickup line? (for you helena!)

Favourite Youtuber?

Have you ever fallen over in public? 

Would you rather feel the pain of death everyday but have an amazing, thrilling life or live life without any diseases but have a dull, boring life?

How many times have you watched Frozen?

I mean it's crazy, What? We finish each other's _________?

If you had one wish and had 10 seconds to decide what to wish on, what would it be? (YOU ONLY HAVE 10 SECONDS TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION NO CHEATING.)

I tag....

So I know I didn't tag 11 people but it was hard Okay? Okay.

Once again thankyou!


  1. Wow you quoted Frozen and TFIOS I think you have officially outdone yourself... :P thanks for answering the questions! Fun to read! ^^

    1. Ahaha! Well yeah! Have you seen TFIOS movie?


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