Thursday, 19 June 2014

Update ~ A confession and announcement!

Now this post is a little update which I thought I should tell you! I'll try and make it quick however I do have a tendency of going on... So let's Go!

Just to let you know, the "confession" isn't that big. Maybe I only put it in the title to draw you in (good technique there Dali). All it really is that I schedule my posts. Ah ah ah! Let me explain. When I started my blog, I was on a half term and I had a lot of spare time. I also had a lot of ideas. That meant that I wrote a lot of posts. Basically, to sum it all up, pretty much most of the posts on my blog are ones that I wrote weeks before. I know this isn't that bad and probably a lot of people do that, but every time a post went up, it didn't feel right. That is why now (once all my scheduled posts have gone up) I am going to start writing on the day or only a few days before. That means that I am going to stop doing my schedule, which if you didn't know was:

Tuesday- Fashion
Thursday- Lifstyle
Saturday- DIY
Sunday- Wonders of the web(I've kinda stopped that series since I go on the same websites all the time)

Now I am just going to post when I have the time, which at the moment isn't a lot of the time. As I may have mentioned before in some post or another, I am starting an online shop. At the moment, it is just my Etsy which I am selling on however soon I should have a website up! Etsy Link Here! 

I am basically selling graphic t-shirts, which I've designed and other bits and bobs like phone cases and scrunchies! 

So that was me, being me right now. Not me a month ago! It would be great if you could give me your opinions on the stuff that I'm selling and what you would buy!

Thankyou for reading!

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