Tuesday, 9 December 2014

quirky stocking fillers | daily december

Instead of giving socks and mugs this year, try having a look at my "quirky stocking fillers". C'mon, you know you want to. 

Sweary Pencils - £4.50 The Curious Pancake

The curious pancake 

Ceramic deer spoons - $8.50 - Notonthehighstreet

Selfie stick - £7.99 Menkind

Mini Screenprinted Clipboard - £6 Ding Ding

Camera Lense mug - £14.99 Firebox

My Little Pony Lunch Box - £8 Paperchase

Long life milk portable chargers - £14.99 Firebox

Temporary Tattoos - £15.95 ($25)  Tattify

Vitamin ball pens - 68p LightintheBox

Peace Hand Ring Holder - £10 Urban Outfitters

Portable Mini Mixing Deck - £20 Paperchase

And if all goes wrong, just get them HUGE chocolate! 

I hope these weren't too out of anybody's price range! 

Also, apologies for not posting yesterday. I was meant to post this but decided to sleep instead #noregrets.

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  1. That camera lense mug is amazing! I need it!! :D xox


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