Monday, 22 December 2014

last minute DIY gifts!

Oh hello! I've finally returned from the dead (I'm not sure  for how long though.) My "Daily December" (or should I say "faily december") has officially gone down hill due to my 8 day post lacking. The writing mood just hasn't came in my direction lately so I've pulled myself up and wrote a quick DIY roundup post. Fingers crossed I'll be taking many photos over the festive period and sharing them to the Internet. Now, for the actual post, who hasn't got all their presents yet? Me! So here are some last minute DIY ones. Easy? I hope so. 

DIY Dinosaur iPhone Stand
via Eatsleepmake
DIY Pencil Holder
via Goodshomedesign
DIY Lego iPad Stand
via Piikea Street
I actually made this last year for Uncles' gifts. However it was for phones I wasn't as technical with the wheels (ie: I put a load of bricks on top of each other with a little hole for a charger to go through.
DIY Clipboard
via The Graphics Fairy

DIY Paperclip Earcuffs
via Aussiebeauty28
DIY Embellished Socks
via allwomenstalk

DIY Pom Pom Bobbles
via Artzy Creations
DIY Peg Hooks
via Bloesem

DIY Washi Tape 
via nifty thrifty

DIY Mug Warmer
via lovethispic
DIY Dino Pencil Toppers
via andweplay
There seems to be a dinosaur theme going around. Hmm. 

Okay so some of these might've not made the best gift (cough* cutting up a sock *cough*) however with a bit of beautiful packaging, some of your, now, homemade washi tape and a cute note, it will look beauts.
I've linked all the DIY tutorials to the pictures so click and make away! Just in case I never get round to completing my daily December, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ho ho ho! Suddenly I'm overwhelmed with festivity. 

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