Friday, 5 December 2014

DIY Mini Book/Notepad | daily december

Woah. I haven't done a DIY in a long time. *weeps in a corner * BUT hopefully I will have so many more DIYs to come as it's the christmas month! Yes, I make most of my gifts, no I do not mean photo frames and mugs. Hehe. But anyway today I have a cute DIY, which you can give to family and close friends, more sentimentally. And that is... A TINY BOOK! oh yes

The first thing you need to do is cut your paper into 3 strips of 6cm from an a4 sheet. Then fold them in half and measure out 3.3cm down the strip. Cut them out.

You will now have a ton of strips. 

If you didn't do amazing on the last step (all the strips are different sizes), like me, you may want to place them into each other and cut around the edges.

Now is the bit which could probably be done more efficient and neat but ti is gluing. AGHHHH!

I do it by gluing the backs of two strips together.

It should look similar to this, which still isn't necessarily neat because I fail at life. 

You can now get your wrapping paper which will be the front cover.
Put your little paper creation on the paper and cut around it with around 2 cm excess. Get your handy glue again and stick it on the wrapping paper

Once it's stuck, fold the edges at the side round.
Then cut the top, leaving a some excess at the top.


In this you could: do things you love about someone, a story, a flipbook, a TINY sketchbook, much, much more? Anyway, I hope you liked the tiny DIY. 



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