Sunday, 14 December 2014

my christmas tree! | daily december

After two long weeks of December vanished into thin air, we finally got around to putting our christmas tree up! Well, I did. Because it's fake. I had the will power to go through it on my own. Nobody wanted to do it with me really. Oh well. Their loss. Our christmas tree was bought years and years ago for like £50. As we've used it every year, it's saved a lot of money and looks decent enough despite it's slightly limp stance. This year I decided to go for some sort of colour arrangement within the decorations. Just a bit of back info, over the years, we've accumulated a number of ornaments. The traditional gold + red baubles which came with the tree were soon joined by handmade paper stuff, tinsel, brightly coloured balls, fairy lights and a lot of sparkly pipe cleaners (for some reason or another). Due to sentimental reasons, I have to put them all up. I don't even care if it looks like Nyan Cat pooped on our tree. I was a "creative" child. Yes. By "creative" I mean I would put glitter glue on a pom pom and balance it on a branch. Anyway, here are a number of photos of our tree. WARNING: I over did the bokeh. There is no escaping when it comes to lights and manual focus.


Ugh. As always, lights first. They were a right pain, just me?

The "arrangement" which I decided to go for involved a traditional red + gold bottom, bright, colourful middle and a minimalistic top. I was meant to do red at the bottom going up in rainbow order but I like the way it turned out. So bad it's gonna be back in the shed this time next month.

This is where the revolution starts.

 I decided to go for a bell tree topper. Although, as you can tell from the loose bit of string, it's not really one.

An insight into my childhood

As the fake tree didn't have much "umph"/ fullness to it, I decided to push all of the branches towards one side; the one that we can see from the house. I also used all the ornaments for us to see. This unfortunately meant that this is what it looked like from outside, ie: everybody walking past our house.

Night is the best time for a tree to show it's true colours. Oh yes.

When did you all put your trees up? Fake or Real? Small or Big? Colour Scheme or Random? 

Yes this is a catch up post, making up for missed days! Hope you liked.

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  1. Hello!
    Our tree is fake, and we have an orangey/gold and silver theme this year (plus all the childhood ones as well of course!)
    Could I just ask, what camera did you use to take these photos?
    Molly xox


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