Saturday, 6 December 2014

christmas scrimping | daily december

For broke teenage girls like me the only thing bad thing about christmas is the price tag which lays on everything. *sad emoji* HOWEVER, me being a full time cheapskate, means I find my ways around. Although I may not "dramatically change your life", I may help you save money, money, money. 

First things first is an app. Similar to "feature points", you download apps in order to gain vouchers. At first I was doubtful. However, after many "is appbounty legit?" searches, I decided to give it a go. Turns out, it works. Once you've downloaded an app, you can delete it as soon as you receive points and 600 points = £1. So, if you plan on getting gifts on Amazon, try it!

This one is a bit too late but why don't you stock up on sales? Let's say, Boxing Day/ post Christmas sales. If you have storage, get everything cheap for the next year (or birthdays). Although, in the modern age, sales are constant so this tip wasn't helpful in the least.

Of course I'm an avid fan of this particular one. Not only are handmade gifts sentimentally special, but cheap. There are many, many videos on YouTube and other blog posts however if you, maybe, venture onto the world of Google *cough* page 2, you may find some great ideas! Hopefully I will be posting DIYs and rounding up my favourites for YOUUUUU! 

Hehe. I lured you in with a confusing title, right? no. uhkay. But this is yet another, "late idea". Competitions. Ugh I know. You'll never win. But, THAT IS NOT THE ATTITUDE. There are millions of competitions scattered all over the Internet. You can subscribe to magazines, and all sorts. I will confess, I've never actually entered a small internet competition before but, worth a try, ey?

Basically, what is stopping you from giving people things that you never use? Especially if they are in spick + span condition and you don't tell them. SHHHH. Or you could incorporate it into some sort of DIY. 

So it was a night post today! It's because I've been super busy with everything and I've been doing a craft fair, which will have it's own post soon! 


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