Sunday, 14 December 2014

in preparation for CHRISTMAS! | daily december

If you've came into human contact with me in the past week or two, you may have witnessed my, umm, well, complaining. If you would like a small, unnecessary rant, then read this next bit but if not, scroll ahead my friend. 
CHRISTMAS JUST COMES SOO QUICKLY. I am in no way ready. Not prepared one single bit. In fact, the excitement hasn't even risen to a 3, let alone FLIPPIN 10! I'm just so busy, busy, busy, christmas hasn't even occured to me or my family. Our tree ceases to exist as the huge storage units used our craft fair take up it's place. Sorry for this. But, if anybody is feeling the same way, please tell me. Or have you got every present? Anyway, on for the real post. 

What is the real post? I say in my head.

Yes um, so this post was a little spontaneous so here's a really cute video of puppies at christmas. HERE!

or here:

I MAY or may not make up for missed posts and post twice in a day but I doubt it so yep.


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