Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to Have The Perfect Night's Sleep

Having a perfect night's sleep is something most of us take for granted. Whether it's taking a while to actually get to sleep, or getting up in the middle of the night to go to the loo, we rarely have a perfect night's rest. Luckily for the entire human race, there are tips and tricks you can do to guide your beauty sleep in the right direction. 

1. Avoid eating large meals just before bed 
Otherwise your stomach will be digesting, preventing you from falling into dreams any time soon. 
2. Get Comfy
Who can sleep when they're uncomfortable? Try propping yourself up by sleeping with 2 pillows. Also maybe wear comfortable pyjamas with a non irritating material. 
3. Don't Overheat
You should be able to sleep best when the temperature is between 12-24°C. 
4. Try yoga 
Try this yoga routine before you go to bed. It should help you relax and get to sleep quicker. 
5.Put a pillow Inbetween legs
Doing this will support your hips and can help with back ache. 
6. Find the right sleeping position
This website tells you sleeping positions for any aches or pains you are having. 
7.Clear your mind
Never go to bed thinking/worrying about something important. Always write it down, even it's the littlest reminder, like to text someone back. If you know that you will be reminded in the morning, you won't mentally need to keep it in your mind therefore you can just forget about it. 
8.Have a wee before bed
I somehow feel so childish (maybe because I am) but this is pretty self explanatory. You don't want to be getting up in the middle of the night to relieve yourself, especially when you're so comfortable... Can't ... Get .. out. 
I guess relaxing is the key to falling asleep and dreaming about things you can never have (Is that just me?). If you can just grab all that stress and just chuck it in the bin- throw it down the street for all I care, just get rid of the worries, the paranoia and relax. 

These were just some tips I find useful however there are always plenty more on the beautiful thing I like to call "the internet". One I just had to miss out was: Stay away from electronic devices. I mean I had to be realistic when writing this, right? I mean, I'm literally just about to go to bed when I'm writing this. 

Well, now that you've hopefully read this and not got bored by my factual, therapeutic side, I hope you can use your new knowledge to have a wonderful nights sleep (So you can actually get things done tomorrow without spending half your day yawning). 

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