Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Floral Clothes

Floral dresses, Floral Blouses, Floral tops even floral trousers and shorts. You can literally get anything in a floral design. I guess they are in fashion, right? Like I've said before, I'm not wearing a badge saying: "Hello. I'm fashionable." I will have to reiterate that in probably every "fashion" post I string up. Now let me get back to the actual post, yay!

I personally love florals, especially colourful ones. It's like wearing summer. But before the floral trend, it normally linked us to the elderly. That is extremely sterotypical of me and I'm genuinely sorry but did anyone else have that thought there. 

I looked through my wardrobe and shocked myself at the pure amount of floral designs caught my eye. I have 2 tops from Uniqlo which I wear quite a lot. They are both from the brand Greengate. I also spotted a t shirt which I could wear, but my first thoughts link back to my last paragraph. What do you think?

I also have some floral trousers which I bought from John Lewis last year. It may have been an impulse buy however I liked them at the time. Little did I know, they didn't go with anything. Generally you can pair them with a plain white t shirt, to time down the extreme pattern however that idea got binned straight away, with the colour of the trousers being white. I have decided to leave these in my wardrobe since they are a little baggy and look like pyjama bottoms. I guess I'll let them fit me and by then, I'll think of something. 

My absolute favourite floral patterns are daisies. They are just so... Tumblr? I actually feel like a hipster wearing anything daisy, even though you see them everywhere. Not to mention, yellow is my favourite colour- the yellow pollen bit? Yeahh! Daisies are flowers, but automatically connote to teenagers. SO MANY FLOWERS. I bought some daisy print pyjama shorts from Primark for only £3 when in town with my friends. My mum's always telling me to stay away from Primark but, being the cheapskate of my friends, I just couldn't stay away. I never buy anything from Primark to last a while but the designs are still really nice. At first, the material was a bit rough but after a wash it softened up. They are perfect for pyjama shorts however, the nights aren't exactly at the hot point in Britain. But, I must admit, for £3, they are worth it.

I guess this post was a bit "all over the place" (well they normally are anyway) but  I just wanted to talk about the design and make you maybe think how trends change a lot. Plus, I'm sticking to my schedule, I needed something! This post was inspired by Helena who put that idea in my mind a while ago. 

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